In a world ruled by capricious gods, a defiant Titan and tormented demi-god must navigate love and betrayal to unite against the God of the Sky, lest their forbidden alliance destroys the very world they aim to save. Readers who love pirate adventures and Greek mythology with reluctant royals and arranged marriage romances and stories like Daughter of Sparta and Pirates of the Caribbean will want to sink their teeth into Dana Claire’s new Young Adult Novel, War of the Land.

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“Mesmerizing. Claire has crafted a romance that will leave you breathless in a world so vivid you can almost taste the salty sea air and hear the clash of swords.”- Jordan Bartlett, Author of The Frean Chronicles “When the world needed a swashbuckling adventure, Dana Claire stepped up to the plate and delivered. 10/10 would recommend.”—Michael Chirichella, Author of Deadly Nights On The Island “Claire does such a great job at capturing feelings and suspense. The story gets better and better with each turn of the page.” —Sara Stone, Author of Forgotten Witch “If you’re looking for romance with a touch of magic, piracy, and mythos, War of the Sea is definitely worth a look.”—Austin Worley, Author of Unsheathed: An Epic Fantasy Collection "Gripping and action packed, this story is dripping with high stakes and slow burn romance. You'll remember these characters long after you've turned the last page." --Book Of Matches Media

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His valor could save the lands. Her darkness could consume it. In a world where mortals are hapless pawns moved at the whims of gods, a defiant Titan emerges from the shadows of history. Prometheus, having once defied Zeus to gift mankind with fire, dares to challenge the heavens to a new match. Now, he fights not just to ease man’s suffering, but to prevent Zeus from clearing the board. Success or failure depends on a future queen. Princess Savina of the Isle of Cava, a demi-god whose powers hold sway over life and death, becomes the latest target of her grandfather Zeus’s merciless vendetta. Exploited by family, she gambles her last shred of trust on the enigmatic Duke of Eloqua, her promised consort. But is he a white knight, or is he part of a more insidious plot to weaponize her against her own people? As the celestial storm brews and loyalties are tested, the land’s fate balances on a knife’s edge. Can a Titan and demi-god stand united against Olympus, or will their dangerous newfound flame for one another burn their beloved world to ash?

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A sound like a canvas snapped taught. One, twice, thrice. A steady beat, with long pauses as the wretched creature glided on air currents. And in those pauses, I tried to deny. No, it couldn’t be what I thought. His damned eagle. Enormous. Ruthless. Ravenous. And then the next wingbeat slapped the air, and the bird blotted out the stars. I thrashed, all stoic dignity gone as the eagle circled, head cocked so a golden eye roved my exposed chest. My heart pounded in my ears. I heard my breath inside my head—short and frantic, undercut with sporadic, feral grunts like feeble war cries to try and keep my nerve. But it had already failed me. “The fat and the bones,” Zeus rumbled, a low purr of unforgotten rage and savage pleasure. “You’d give me fat and bone, and let those worms have their fill?” He rose up to loom over me once more, voice rising until it shook the mountain beneath my back. “I, who delivered you from the tyranny of our fathers. I, who took you into my arms and into my confidence when you crossed the battlefield lines.” His spittle hit my face as his eagle’s massive feet slammed into the rock on either side of me, beak clicking. “Fat and bone! I don’t even feed my pets such scraps.” He reached up to stroke the eagle’s neck, and it ruffled russet and brown feathers, head twitching this way and that, looking for the perfect spot to dig that wicked, hooked beak. “No. Tonight, and every night, he shall feast on a choice delicacy.” “No.” My cheeks puffed will bull-like breaths, muscles tearing as I fought to break free. “No. This? This for a nick to your pride? This because you cannot see that the only difference between you and a reviled human king is a little bolt of—” Zeus stepped back, snarling. The eagle’s head dove down. And the world went black and red. Embers crackled at the edges of my vision. Agony so searing nothing else existed. Heat. Fire turned against me. The world smeared into dark colors. Flashes of sky. Cries for death, for vengeance, for mercy all tumbled out of my mouth in a nonsensical jumble. A flash of yellow as the beak tore a sliver of something loose, tipped back its head, and gobbled it. Cracks fissured the world and my will to live. And through it all, Zeus laughed. He never returned after that first night, but his eagle did. And sometimes, when I began to forget myself, forget my name, forget my purpose, drowned in the sheer immensity of the pain, I heard the ghost of that laugh on the wind.

About Dana Claire

DANA CLAIRE is an award-winning author whose stories explore identity, fate, and destiny in the crossroads of romance and adventure. She's either got her nose in a book, streaming a movie online, or going to see an off-Broadway show. Dana is all about embracing the art of storytelling in every possible way. From coast to coast...she lived most her life in NY but left the tall skyscrapers to come to Los Angeles, CA and enjoy the sunshine with her adoring husband, the cutest, sweetest, quirkiest character of all. One day she'd like to get a furry friend, but for now she's babysitting her brother's houseplants while he's deployed and feels like that's enough of a responsibility ;) She believes she is very fortunate to live her dreams: writing books, telling stories, and changing the world, one reader at a time.

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