Underworld Champions

***CONTENT WARNING*** This book is NOT suitable for under 18s due to a ridiculous amount of sexual situations that just aren't cool to replicate if you're under age.

A Contemporary biker romance.

Maddie's life has always been hard. With an absent mother and a father who is beyond help. She's all on her own.

When her father carks it, she has no money, and some jerk with bad breath is always hovering around her to take advantage.

So she goes to the one person who owes her a favour - her mother. She's married to the president of the MC Outlaws. That's a motorcycle club. Maddie's never really been into that shit, but she doesn't have a choice. And surprisingly, she's going to come to rely on the Outlaws more than she ever expected.

Cole is one of those jackass guys who girls should keep away from at all costs. But he's hot, and Maddie finds she can't help herself. He's her dad's Vice Prez, and so goddamned hot, he'd melt the panties off a nun.

She should run, she should stay as far away from her past as she can, but instead, she keeps running to that sexy biker, Cole.

Cole understands Maddie, you see - he's damaged too. Can these two tortured souls find a way to heal each other. Will Cole be her Champion?


“That’s the little bitch trespasser I was tellin’ you about earlier,” Banger announces, the moment he sees me. I suck in my breath, feeling a little surprised when I’m confronted with my step-father and Banger, who are standing in his living room, looking slightly pissed off.

 “You couldn’t call and say you were coming?” my step-father rumbles, his hands on his hips as he looks at me pointedly. 

“Surprise?” I try to sound confident and behave as though having two angry bikers staring at me, doesn’t faze me. But it does. Fuck I’m weak.

“You know her Prez?” an older man I didn’t see before asks from by the front door, his voice even more smoke worn than my step-father’s.

“She’s my daughter.”

The statement causes both Banger’s and my jaw to drop, like we’re both characters in a cartoon show. “Shit Prez. I had no idea,” he bumbles.

“Don’t you mean ‘step-daughter’?” I demand, wondering what the hell is going on.

He just grunts and doesn’t give me an answer to my question. “You and me. We’ve got a lot to talk about.”

“But…” I start, only to be interrupted.

“We’ll talk tonight. I’ve got shit to attend to back at the club, and your mother will want to have this talk too. Just make yourself at home until then. Alright?”

“Fine,” I say. What else can I do?

“You know we have this place alarmed right?” a voice says from in the hallway. Shit. There’s someone else here too?

When my eyes search for the source of the voice, my heart stops. I see him. He’s the most perfect specimen of a man, I’ve ever laid my eyes on. If an angel, fell to earth and decided to go all rugged and shit, then join a biker gang - You’d have this guy. He’s the exact opposite to what I’d imagined my father’s men to look like. He has dark messy hair and blue eyes, so piercing that I swear they’re lasering the seam of my panties as we speak. Because ladies, those panties are about to drop to the floor. Oh. My. God.

There’s talking going on. But I don’t even hear. I’m too mesmerised by the man moving toward me, and the fact that as he speaks, I see the flash of silver in his mouth. He has a tongue piercing.

My pussy just clenched.

My eyes rake over his body, drinking in every divine detail of his hard, lean, physique - the silver chain on his neck and his Harley Davidson ring are downright sexy, as are the leather cuffs that adorn the wrist of his tattooed arms. On his cut, it says he’s the club VP.

“Did you even ask her who she was at the compound, Banger? You’re a fuckin’ idiot. I don’t even know why we patched you in.” His voice is thick and deep, and rolls over me like a caressing hand. I clench my insides again, sure that my panties must be drenched just from looking at him. 

Clench. Clench. Clench.

“Enough,” my step-father interrupts, silencing the two men. The hot one narrows his eyes at Banger, whose face has turned pale. “Banger. Go back with Robbo and man your post. Next time, find out who the fuck you’re pullin’ your gun on.  And you,” he says, his eyes landing on me. “Don’t ever break into my house again. You’ll fuckin’ wait outside on the fuckin’ veranda. Got it?”

“Whatever,” I return, rolling my eyes at the whole stupid situation. Banger makes some sort of apology and leaves.

“You’ve got a giant set of fucking balls on you girl,” the hot one says to me.

“Balls are soft. I’ve got a vagina. Much tougher.” I straighten to my entire five foot-six height and fold my arms across my chest defiantly.

“Is that so?” he grins, his cheeks creasing into dimples that make him even sexier than he already was. Clench.

He saunters over, pausing in front of me, a cocky look on his face as he openly ogles me. “Not bad.” His eyes are on my tits when he says that, so I push him away. Annoyed. Embarrassed… something.

“Cole,” my step-father growls, taking a hold of my arm and pulling me around so I’m facing him. “How long are you stayin’ for?”

“I don’t know. Just until I’m back on my feet.”

“You can stay as long as you like,” he says, his voice holding an hint of kindness.

“I don’t need your fucking charity,” I bite out, tightening my arms across my chest.

“Sure you don’t. Why the hell else would you be sniffing around here then?” Hot guy/VP/Cole says from behind me.

“Cole.” My step-father growls again, and I wonder what kind of President appoints a mouthy VP. His eyes land on me again.  

“’If I’m an inconvenience, you could always just give me a loan and I’ll get out of here.” I shrug, hating that I do need help. “Just ‘til I can get a job and pay you back.”

My step-father narrows his eyes, thinking for a moment. I hope that he’s thinking about giving me some cash, so I can piss off and get on with my life. “You can stay here, and I’ll work out a way for you to earn your keep.” He digs in his pocket and hands me a key. “Next time though, use this.”

“You’re lucky nothin’ happened to you on the way here. It’s not safe for a girl wandering around out there on her own,” Cole rumbles from behind me.

“I’ll was fine. I know what cars sound like.”

“It’s not the cars you should be worried about. It’s the bikers who don’t know you’re Prez’s daughter. They won’t waste any time trying to fuck that tight little arse of yours.”

“Cole,” my step-father warns again.

I turn my head to Cole and look him dead in the eye. “Step-daughter,” I insist. “And it wouldn’t be the first time. I’m used to men taking what they want from me.” The comment causes an expression I can’t quite read to flit across his features. “Thanks for the bed,” I say to my step-father, holding up the key as I meet his eyes. They’re filled with questions right now. It makes me wonder what type of an upbringing he and my mother think I had.

He grips at my wrist, pulling me a little closer toward him. “Don’t ever walk to the compound on your own again. Understand?”

“Whatever ‘Prez’,” I spit, openly mocking him.

He leans in, close to my ear and growls. “It’s my club. I don’t give a fuck who you are. I command respect. Understood?”

Looking up at him, I nod.

He releases my hand and turns toward the door. “Stay put. I’ve got shit to do. So we’ll talk later.”

“Goodbye princess,” Cole rumbles in my ear on the way past.

I stand there, watching as the both leave, my heart jumping wildly in my chest as Cole turns at the door and winks at me. It makes my nipples tighten.

Fuck that man’s delicious. Clench, clench, clench.


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