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Title: CREE
Series: My Way, Book #1

Whose parents abandon them in a trashy trailer when they are five years old? Oh Yeah! Mine do!

Hey Hoochies! I'm Milly, and I am tired of taking kicks to the gut. A broken family, an asshole husband and the loss of loved ones have left me crying Uncle, and declaring a serious case of the Fuck-Its!

I had my heart broken, stomped on and shattered before I ever started on my journey to find my little piece of happiness. With a bucket list, a '66 Ford and wild dreams, I set out on an adventure that changed my life forever.

I found Cree…

A pirate with a little princess and they swept me off my ever lovin' feet, filling my world with sprinkles, mac n’ cheese and the courage to live again.

They forced my fragile heart to trust and love without fear.

But the truth is, nobody’s past stays hidden forever. It’s an invisible monster waiting to attack and destroy. It has the capability to ruin everything you’ve worked to set right.

All it takes is one final blow to the gut to end everything…

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 Title: TRIPP
Series: My Way, Book #2
Release Date: MID MARCH
Lacey’s Story…

Covering up pain is easy. It’s keeping it tucked away that’s hard. I’ve always needed the cover of tattoos to hide the nasty past that leached its way into me, tainting me beneath my skin. 

Not the shiny, trendy tats, but the ugly broken kind, meant to keep the world at bay. If they weren’t enough, then my piercings, foul mouth and crazy hair usually did the trick. Life had taught me to never follow the rules, because when you do, you get burned.

My life was perfectly imperfect until Tripp…

Our relationship is what most would describe as fuel meeting fire. We were both hell bent on burning each other to the ground. Tripp was sexy as hell, a charismatic beast, and soon became one of my best friends. We shared a love of ice cream and tattoos as we blazed our own path that could only lead to a beautiful train wreck. 

The only question left is, will we set the countryside ablaze with our hot tempers and foul mouths? Or will we paint our own happy ending filled with all the gushy shit normal people crave?

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 Title: MILES
Series: My Way, Book #3
Release Date: SUMMER 2014

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I'm just a simple girl who loves the country life... Oh yeah, & a good corn dog! Throw in a little Vanilla Ice, and shits bound to get crazy! 
Be Brave! 

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Excerpt #2 CREE

His voice snapped me out of my trance.

“Annie, I told you to put on some clothes.”

“Daddy, I am trying to play Malibu Barbie here!” she said as she cocked her hand on one hip and shook her head at her dad.  This girl had some sass and I loved it.

“Do you mind if I help her finish her Malibu Barbie outfit while you finish dinner?”

“Sure go ahead.  Be back here in ten minutes though, ladies.”

Annie led me to her very pink and purple bedroom.  She had a canopy bed, fairies, Barbies, princesses - you name it, this girl had it.  Her room was very clean and organized.  With a very serious face, Annie explained to me that she wanted to dress up as Malibu Barbie. 

I took her hair down and combed through the knots she managed to put in it.  I made a perfect bun on top of her head and placed one of the flowers in her hair that I brought for her.  We found matching flip flops and a cute swim skirt in her closet.  She insisted on make-up to finish her outfit.  I hollered downstairs to get Cree’s permission.

“Cree! Annie is asking for make-up.  Do I have the go ahead from her dad?”


We came into the kitchen five minutes later.  “Without further ado, I give you Malibu Barbie!”

Annie strutted into the kitchen, showing off her costume to her dad.  Cree put on the charm and acted like he had never seen such a beautiful Barbie.  I didn’t realize that as I was watching the father/daughter interaction play out before me, I was tearing up.  I quickly pushed down my emotions and tried giggling at the father/daughter duo before me.

Annie showed me where to sit.

“Daddy always serves us the meal.  You just have to sit here and tell him what you want... kay?”

“Annie, Milly can get her own food if she wants.”

“Nope!  I want the royal treatment here just like Malibu Barbie.  You know a girl could get used to this.”

Cree just shook his head and chuckled.  Minutes later, he placed our plates in front of us and I froze with fear and terror.  Cree had made mac n’ cheese for dinner.  My poppy was the only one that made me this meal.  I loved eating it when he would make it for me growing up, but it always reminded me of my empty tummy and my wet underwear.  I haven’t had mac n’ cheese since my Poppy died.

“Daddy makes the best mac n’ cheese.  He is the best cooker!”

“It’s just from the box, so don’t get too worked up over it, Milly”

I watched Cree kiss the top of Annie’s head as she dug into her food.  He loved her and cherished her like a father should.  He fed her mac n’ cheese and kissed her forehead.  He loved her.  My mind instantly flashed back to a little girl who sat in a corner for three days in urine-soaked clothes, shaking with fear that her daddy would come back and whip her bottom for peeing.  The little girl’s one wish was to have her daddy come back and cook her mac n’ cheese. 

“Um, Milly?  Are you ok?” asked Annie.

I looked up to realize that Cree and Annie were staring at me.  I tried to talk, but my voice was frozen with fear.  That one horrible memory just hijacked all rational thoughts.  I started to feel tears sting my eyes. I couldn’t hold back my tears any longer.  Cree’s love for his daughter unleashed emotional pain within me that I couldn’t control.

“It’s just mac n’ cheese, Dolly.  If you don’t like it, I can make something else for you.”

“It’s okay, Cree.  I’m so sorry that I am crying.  I haven’t been a guest in someone’s house for years.”

Then I looked at Annie, “I’m perfect.  My heart right now is just overflowing watching your daddy take care of you.  When I was your age I wanted my daddy to cook me mac n’ cheese, but he didn’t want to.  It makes me very, very happy that your daddy wanted to cook us mac n’ cheese.”

“Milly, my daddy will cook you mac n’ cheese whenever you want it.  When you are having a really bad day, daddy even sprinkles magic dust on your mac n’ cheese to take away all your sadness.  He does it for me all the time.”

Annie then gives Cree a very serious look and says, “Daddy you better get those special sprinkles.”

Cree made his way across the kitchen and came back with a bottle of sprinkles.  Yes, confetti sprinkles - the kind you put on a cake.  He opened the lid, then did a funny little dance, wriggling his hips and spinning around, while sprinkling my mac n’ cheese at the same time.  He even tossed some over his shoulder, spraying us with sprinkles.  Annie loved the show her father was putting on.

“You now have magical mac n’ cheese!  Enjoy!” Cree said, and then he bent over and kissed my forehead again.

I started giggling.

“Twust me, it works Milly!” Annie said, while shoveling her food into her mouth.

I followed suit and started shoveling my food into my mouth.  Funny thing is I too now believe in the magic of Cree’s sprinkles, because the rest of the night was the best night of my life.


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