Not Another Soldier

Not Another Soldier Media Kit

Title: Not Another Solider
Author: Samantha Holt
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Release Date: 17th January 2014

I’ve just buried my husband. I was going to divorce him and now he’s dead.

After five years as a military wife, Sienna is moving on. She’s keen to leave behind the misery of her marriage to Rob but for some reason the past won’t let her go. It doesn’t help that her closest friend, Nick, is also a soldier.

Unfortunately Sienna is struggling to deny her attraction to the sexy marine, even knowing there can be no future in it. When the injured soldier admits he wants her just as badly, and has always wanted her, the fight to control her feelings becomes harder.

And now she’s learning things about her late husband that surprise even her. When the secrets of Rob’s life come to light, Sienna finds herself involved with some very nasty people and Nick is determined to protect her, no matter what.

As the danger grows to both her heart and her life, Sienna needs to decide if it was the army that was the problem or her late husband. Is Nick worth the heartache of being a military spouse again? And will he be able to protect her from the ring of drug dealers slowly closing in?

About the Author
Samantha lives in a small village in England with her gorgeous twin girls and husband who is a trained bodyguard and ex-soldier (Yes, seriously!). She traditionally writes historical romances involving chivalrous knights and hot highlanders, but occasionally dabbles in contemporary romance. When she reluctantly leaves her computer, she enjoys exploring old ruins and indulging an early midlife crisis. Adrenaline filled suggestions for the bucket list are always welcome!

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Excerpt 1
The little skip, skip of my heart is slightly sickening. How can I go from scared to… to so needy in less than ten seconds? The sight of Nick on my bed seems to short circuit my brain. I’m pretty sure I can feel explosions going on behind my eyes. Memories of being pressed against him, of him inside me, combust in my mind.
One arm comes around my waist and draws me close in understanding. I wish he couldn’t read me so well sometimes. The fear of earlier has been replaced with something much more urgent and frightening. His thumb rubs roughly across my cheek as he coaxes my face up and away from his chest. His eyes are sincere and guilt jabs me for even imagining he might hurt me. My chest tightens as his callused thumb continues to smooth across my face. I want it. I can’t help it. I need him to kiss me. My lips tingle in anticipation and I hold my breath.
I don’t know if it’s adrenaline that numbs my common sense when it comes to Nick or what, but the pain in my neck has all but gone. The hammering of my heart is replaced with a steady throb of desire. His gaze drops to my lips and I wait for him to close the distance between us but I suspect he’s waiting for my permission.
I tighten my grip on the back of his neck, almost fearful he might pull away, and I bring my lips to his. We hover there, exchange breaths and heat for a moment, and when we finally connect it’s slow and acute. I’m aware of every tiny touch of his lips on mine. Before I can deepen it, he pulls back and drops his hand to my wine-soaked top. His smile tilts.
“We need to get you out of that top.”

Excerpt 2
Drawing in a breath, I open the door. Hopefully Nick’s all settled and I won’t even have to—
He’s sitting on my bed.
Damn the man. He studies me, slow and languorously, and I flex my fingers, longing to splay my hands across myself. My simple PJs now feel sexy and I’m definitely showing off too much skin.
“Can I—” I cough. “Is everything okay?”
Nick nods slowly, his eyes saying everything is more than okay. My skin heats and I hope he can’t see the redness that’s no doubt in my cheeks and on my chest.
“Yeah,” he says finally, gaze lingering on my bare legs. “I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”
“I’m fine.”
Though I don’t sound fine. Having your heart going the same rate as a freight train or your blood boiling beneath your skin probably isn’t fine. But that wasn’t what he meant.
He doesn’t look convinced.
“It’s been a crazy day and I am a little shaken but I’m okay, I swear. I just need a little rest and I need to get this place back to normal and then I’ll be great.”
Nick takes a moment to study me once more and stands. “All right. Just checkin’.”
“Oh.” I go to my closet. “Here’s some blankets.” I draw out two old ones that I usually use if the temperature drops and pass them over.
“Thanks.” He takes them from me.
“Do you need something to sleep in?” I bend down and rummage through the bottom drawer. “I might have some old T-shirts.” I find one and come up to standing.
His eyes are wary and he looks tense, slightly like he’s going to explode at any moment.
Baffled, I thrust out the T-shirt. “It’s one of Rob’s. I don’t know why I still have them really. Or would it be weird wearing his stuff?” He doesn’t respond so I hesitate before turning around and chucking the T-shirt back in the drawer. That was a stupid idea. “Sorry, guess it would be.”
With a wry laugh, he nods. “Yeah, I don’t want to be wearing his stuff, but I got to tell you, babe, I’m more worried about your night clothes.”
“If you’re sleeping like that,” he motions with one hand down me, “then it’s going to make me sleeping there,” now he points to the couch, “a real trial. ‘Cause when you bend over in those shorts, all I want to do is take you to bed and peel them from you.”
Excerpt 3
I’m on her quickly before I can think twice or succumb to the way my skull feels like it’s going to explode. No way am I missing this opportunity. I snatch her wrist and pull it away, leaving her shirt open. Turning her toward me, I spread either side of her top and admire the soft swells peeking over a cute pink bra. Her nipples are already hard through the cotton and her breasts rise and fall in an incredibly enticing way. She gapes up at me as I splay my hands around her waist, her smooth skin beneath my hands making me harder than ever.
“Do you?” I ask, my voice gruff.
“Do I what?” she breathes.
So that’s how she’s going to play it. I can tell she knows exactly what I mean. She just needs a little persuasion. Well, the pain in my head is almost gone and I relish a challenge. With one finger, I brush aside her hair and bring my lips down on her ear with a feather-light touch. Sienna is so responsive and I’ve quickly learned her neck and ear are the place to go for. She quivers and I trail my lips down her neck and back up.
Nipping at her lobe, I pause to whisper. “Do you love me?”
She whimpers as I rake my teeth over her neck and bring a hand up to caress one breast. I love the sexy little noises she makes. If only she knew how hot she makes me. It doesn’t seem to matter what I say or how I say it, she can never understand how much I want her. Like all the time. I feel like a teenager again around Sienna.
“Just say it.” I skim my mouth over her chin and up to her lips, pausing to lick at the corner. She tastes so good it takes all my willpower not to press her mouth apart and taste every inch of her. “I. Love. You. Three words, babe, it isn’t hard.”
“Nick…” she moans my name.
Now I’m tense all over. It’s ridiculous how quickly she can drive me to the edge. But she isn’t going to give in. Damned stubborn woman.
I pull back and rest my forehead on hers, stroke my fingers across her cheeks. “I love you, Sienna. Probably always have. You’re sweet and sexy, and clever and funny. I want to make you mine, sweetheart. For good.”
When I pull back, I still see doubt in her eyes. I don’t know if she doubts me or herself or what, but I’m going to have to erase it. With both hands, I peel off her shirt and fling it aside. She doesn’t resist. She’s putty in my hands. Is there anything hotter than having a beautiful woman silently begging for your touch? Then I reach around and unclasp her bra. I take just a moment to admire her breasts, her pale nipples tight and ready for my mouth, before unsnapping her jeans and yanking them down.
I kneel in front of her and tug off her jeans and socks. Sienna must be the only woman in the world who can turn me on with only a glimpse of her feet. Her little painted toenails remind me of her so much. A splash of brightness in a dark world. They’re purple right now. It’s one of those little things I always noticed about her. No matter what was going on in her life she always had these perfect, brightly colored toenails.
I stand slowly and enjoy the way she trembles as I pull myself to my full height and press my thumbs into her hips above her pink panties. I love how she acts all meek and mild, and then so open and unashamedly hot when I start to make love to her. It’s like unwrapping a present.

I love to read about military wives, because I use to be one now I'm a Veteran but if you are a military wife we all know what the life is and how we lead it. However for Sienna she struggled with being the perfect wife with an over bearing Marine husband who cheated on her and treated her like crap. When deployed his best friend Nick watched over her nothing happened with them except becoming best friends. However when Sienna's husband dies and secrets about his life start to come to life Sienna turns to the one person who she's been able to trust this whole time. However they have their issues and it's not all hearts and flowers. Follow Sienna and Nick as they try to piece together what her husband left her with in terms of drug lords and beatings. 


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