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Brand-new New Adult Rock Star Romance from USA Today-Bestselling Author Blair Babylon!

Music is a bitch mistress.

When Rhiannon is hired as a back-up singer for Killer Valentine, the hottest breakout rock band on the planet, her contract includes an iron-clad no-fraternization clause. However, it doesn’t take her long to figure out that Killer Valentine is falling apart from the stresses of touring and promotion. The band’s manager Jonas Rees, a green-eyed starmaker, is frantically trying to prevent them from self-destructing during their grueling tour and right before their first major-label record deal, but neither Jonas nor Rhiannon can deny the attraction that flares between them.

When the band’s problems threaten to derail the tour and Jonas slips and reveals their relationship, the lead singer demands that Rhiannon choose between music and love.

EXCERPT: Rhiannon drew herself up to her full five feet plus two whole inches, lifted her pudgy chin and nose in the air, and walked into the conference room. Inside, a black-suited security team stood behind five men sitting at a conference table. The seated guys looked like a staff meeting on Olympus: like the platinum-blond Sun God Apollo shone brilliant in his beauty beside radiant Eros, God of Love, who slept beside the seductive devil, black-haired Thanatos, who was the deification of Death, and two more blazingly beautiful demi-gods. Rhiannon stopped hard, nearly catching her high heels on the carpeting. Oh my God. Those guys had been on the cover of last month’s Rolling Stone—all shirtless in the cover photo because they were beyond ripped, they were frickin’ shredded— because they had released two indie, MP3-only albums that had gone platinum. The article’s headline was War Breaks Out over Killer Valentine because three major-label recording companies had launched a vicious bidding war for their next work. Holy cow. Well, she wouldn’t have to worry about anyone looking at her on the stage.
PUBLICATION DATE: September 23rd.

What do you do when the hottest rock band on the plant is looking for a back-up singer? You jump at the chance, that is until you realize that the band is falling apart from all the touring. But the man holding it all together is Jonas, the Rockstar Manager keeping the band from self-destructing! Even though there is a no fraternization clause in Rhiannon contract to keep the band from getting down and dirty that doesn't include the Manager....but when the bands problems come to a head and Jonas accidentally reveals that they are in a relationship Xan tries to make Rhiannon choose between her love for music and the man she loves! Will Rhiannon choose love or will she choose music! I can't wait to read the next story! Four stars for me ladies!


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