The One That She Was

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The One That She Was

Amber Swanson is your typical rebellious teen. After causing trouble at home, she is sent to Virginia to be "dealt with". Alone and dealing with the disappearance of her best friend, Madison, who everyone thinks just ran away, she finds herself curious. She doesn’t think Madison ran away. Determined to find her friend, she takes a little detour. 

During that same time, Amber meets Ethan. Ethan is a quirky, kind of awkward boy whose father has a tight hook on him. Ethan has to follow these “rules” that the father puts in his son to “keep him safe”. As Amber starts to get to know Ethan, things start getting weird. First she notices the doll house in his back yard and he claims that it was for his sister who died. Then she finds out that he never had a sister. 

So Amber decides to check out the dollhouse. What she finds there rocks her world. 

Will Amber ever find her friend? Is Ethan who she thought he was? Will she discover the true reason behind the dollhouses?

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Title: The One That She Was
Author: M.M Wolff
Official Launch Date:  November 19, 2015
Publication Date:  November 19, 2015
Digital Price: $2.99
Pre-order Price:  $0.99

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