One Hell Of A Ride
by Ju Ephraime

When tough-as-they-come Joe Cariello appears on her doorstep claiming he used to know her grandfather, Cassie Sorrento is skeptical. To begin with, her grandfather was twice, if not three times, Joe’s age. Second, Joe appears to be a drifter, going where the wind blows him, and third, he’s too damn ruggedly good looking for her peace of mind.
Joe thinks he’s hit pay dirt when he first sees Cassie standing in the doorway of his old friend’s cabin. He has no idea his friend has been murdered and he’ll be viewed as the most likely suspect. He’s a drifter, not a killer. Now he’s determined to find out what happened to his old friend, and if it means he has to work alongside Cassie, he’ll welcome it. Now he’s wondering, are his drifting days over, and more importantly, can he convince Cassie that they are? Joe realizes he’ll give up drifting in a lickety-split if he can have Cassie just for one night.

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“Don’t you think it’s time that you and I had a little chat?” he said, the huskiness of his voice making it sound more gravelly than normal.

“What’re you doing? Give me my hat,” was all she said as she looked up into the intense obsidian eyes that were staring into her face.

Time seemed to stand still as Joe focused on Cas’ eyes. Enormous, tilted like a cat’s, light steel gray with dark orbs, unusual and mesmerizing. He felt their impact like a kick in the gut. He had envisioned her eyes all different colors, but never once had he imagined the light steel gray that was currently looking up at him. He had to admit; they suited her. They were the most beautiful eyes he’d ever seen. They almost seemed to glow; it put him in mind of quicksilver. That was how bright and silvery gray they were. Joe felt as if he were drowning in her inquiring gaze. Abruptly his mouth covered hers. He could tell he had taken her by surprise because her lips were apart, and he took the opportunity to sweep in and taste her. God! The taste of her! It was as he’d imagined and more. He shuddered heavily and thrust his tongue deep into her mouth again and again. He wanted to devour her.

Author Bio:
She is an eternal optimist and an insatiable reader/writer, especially of high heat romance. She writes in several genres; however, her favorite is contemporary romance. She loves reading historical romances, but doesn't know if she'd write one. (Take that back, she's since written two and this is her third one). She earned her last degree from NEU in Boston. She loves writing children’s books, for fun and relaxation. She finds it's easy to slip back into her childhood, where she takes the time to play.

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