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The Pieces that Built Me 
by Amber Lacie

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Genre: New Adult Romance

Every person is a puzzle made up of many different pieces, each connecting perfectly to the pieces around it. After a while, a picture begins to come into focus, and then we, the puzzle creator, can finally make sense of the beauty displayed before us.

It was different for me. Some of my pieces were bent or twisted, but I made them fit. It wasn't until I finally let him in that I realized I was missing one important piece ...


I knew how to give it. What I didn't know was how to accept it -- until he showed me how ...

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Indie-Award Winning Author Amber Lacie is about all things books, glitter, and shenanigans.

Never without a book or caffeinated goodness, she's managed a husband that worships at her alter and two awesome kiddos, all while pumping out tales of love and suspense. Growing up in Chicagoland, she's seen the nitty, and knows the gritty. As for love and home, that landed her in Beverly Shores, Indiana where she dreams up adventures for her characters so that you the reader can explore new bends in the road. Buckle up.

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