Title: Dangerous Betrayals 
Series: An Armed & Dangerous/Circle of Justice Crossover Novel
Author: LP Dover
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Amazon Review - “5 AMAZING STARS!! OMG...I was on the edge of my seat through this book.”

Amazon Review - “Wow what a ride. Loved the twists and turns in this story.”
Amazon Review - “Another amazing read that I couldn’t put down.”
Amazon Review - “Wow what a book. It was full of action, heartbreak, and betrayal.”
From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author L.P. Dover comes the crossover fans having been waiting for! Beloved characters from her Armed & Dangerous and Circle of Justice novels come together in this tantalizing new series!
A stranger waiting in the dark.
A ritualistic attack.
A wrongful arrest.
After surviving an attempt on her life, Kennedy moved to Vermont in hopes of putting the nightmare behind her. The police assured her the assailant was behind bars. They were dead wrong. The truth revealed itself in a rash of grisly murders. Each victim bore a striking resemblance to Kennedy. Each killed in the same fashion as her attack.
Launching a full-fledged manhunt, the police called me in. My name is Reed Chandler, and I’m an expert on tracking the behavior of the deranged. It doesn’t take long for me to realize it all traces back to Kennedy. The killings are carving a path across the country, leading straight to her.
Determined to keep her safe, I refuse to leave her side. Am I getting too close? Losing myself in the alluring charms of the school teacher? I don’t care. I’ll do whatever it takes to protect her. Let the killer come. The tables have turned, I know his plan.
What he doesn’t know is that I’m a trained killer... and now I’m on the hunt.


What would you do if someone was out for your heart? And not in the I love you kind of way. After tragedy Kennedy left to hide. Only two people knew where she lived. When she started her new life she never knew her old one was about to be dumped on her again. When her friend and cop from her home town shows up at her door with another man she knows something isn't right. The wrong man has been in jail for a crime he didn't commit and now Kennedy is in danger. That's where Reed Chandler comes in assassin for the Circle of Justice and elite group that protect those that are innocent. He's about to protect Kennedy and find out who the real killer is. And Kennedy is about to get the shock of her life time. Not to mention they are both fighting attraction to each other. I loved the stories of the Circle of Justice they are powerful and full of love and loyalty.


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author L. P. Dover is a southern belle living in North Carolina with her husband and two beautiful girls. Before she began her literary journey she worked in periodontics, enjoying the wonderment of dental surgeries.
She loves to write, but she also loves to play golf, go on mountain hikes, and has a passion for singing. Her youngest daughter, who she’s also written a children’s book with, expects a concert each and every night before bedtime, usually Christmas carols.
Dover has written countless novels in several different genres, including a children’s book with her youngest daughter, but her favorite to write is romantic suspense. However, she has found a new passion in romantic comedy, especially involving sexy golfers. Who knew the sport could be so dirty and fun to write about.


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