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Title: Sweet Dreams Series Box Set
Part One
Author: Sarah Peis
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: June 22, 2022


This steamy romantic comedy box set contains the novels Some Call It Love, Some Call It Temptation, Kismet, Some Call It Fate and two exclusive epilogues.

Some Call It Love (Book #1)

A mistaken arrest, an unpaid debt, and a trip to Vegas.

Living in a small town where everyone knows your business isn’t easy. But when your dad is the business everyone talks about, it’s even harder.

When Willa becomes collateral to pay off her dad’s debt to local playboy Jameson, she finds out things can always get worse.

Some Call It Temptation (Book #2)

Some temptations are too hard to resist.

After fleeing her controlling family, Stella is ready to experience life to the fullest—starting with moving to a city that has more than one traffic light. Too bad she’s broke and living on her friend’s couch, wanting a man that is all kinds of wrong for her.

And not only because he thinks of her as nothing but a spoiled brat, but because she needs her job. And he’s her boss.

Kismet (Book #2.5)

When her fiancé cheats on her, Maisie decides to make some changes in her life.

But getting herself back on track isn’t easy. Especially not when she develops feelings for her roommate’s brother, Oliver, who’s entirely off-limits.

Some Call It Fate (Book #3)

Our experiences shape us. Our mistakes teach us.

Despite promising herself not to repeat past mistakes, Maisie can’t seem to stay away from Oliver. But his time at the small town of Humptulips is coming to an end. Will their connection be strong enough to build a future together?


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