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I assumed my secret crush on my next door neighbor would stay just that - a secret.

Dare To Kiss You, an all-new steamy small-town, mutual pining, neighbors to lovers romance from Bestselling author Julia Jarrett is available now!

I assumed my secret crush on my next door neighbor would stay just that - a secret.

Until my best friend dared me to ask Hunter Callaghan out.

I never turn down a dare…

It started as a way to get back into the dating scene after having my heart broken, but  it quickly turned into something more.

The golden retriever energy Hunter shows the world hides a softer, vulnerable side. Emotions that he keeps locked away from everyone… Except me.

I see him for who he is, and it’s those hidden depths that have me falling for him.

Being with Hunter is a dream come true. Until my meddling brothers start to pull at the seams of what we’re building. 

Now I’m worried the man I’m falling for will ignore what’s in his heart, and push me away.

If you read Lovestruck this is a remastered story of Kat and Hunter. It is so much more than the novella and man it will make you swoon ten times more. Enjoy their story.

Kat and Hunter have been in each other's lives since they were young. Hunter is a cop in town who has his own issues but one thing is certain his feelings for Kat. However, he doesn't feel like he is good enough for her no matter how much he wants her. Kat has been busy getting her studies done and working. Her attraction to Hunter is a lot but these two will have to work through their feelings. What I loved about this story is how they are there for one another no matter what. That even though Hunter is struggling he realizes that Kat is there for him. Hunter has to overcome his feelings and things he has kept to himself to let her in. Can these two get past their issues and fall in love?

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