Author: Carolyn LaRoche
Title: In Pursuit of the Past
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 2, 2023
Cover Designer: BookSmith Design


A lost love. A second chance. A detective determined to protect the woman he loves.

After adoption worker Ava Taft stumbles upon an abandoned baby that may have ties to her past, she finds herself with a target on her back—and only one person she can trust, despite his long-time anger at her. 

For ten years, Detective Hudson Pierce let guilt push away the only woman he'd ever loved after the loss of his sister. When Ava shows up with a baby, a cryptic note hinting his sister may be alive, and two men trying to kill her, he has no choice but to put aside all the blame. 

Can Hudson take them into his protection and put their past aside long enough to find out the truth about his sister, the baby, and the killers after Ava.. .before those killers silence them all for good?

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"You are a very angry man. Maybe Quinn would have come home by now if you'd had a little faith."
"Quinn's dead. All the faith in the world isn't going to bring her back."
The coldness to his words struck her like a knife. A cloud passed in front of the early morning sun, casting a shadow over them. They stood there, eyeing each other, each one daring the other to say what they really wanted to. 
"It's obvious that's really what you choose to believe. I'm not going to try and change your mind anymore. That ship has sailed, and I am done chasing after it." She turned and walked away, feeling the heat of his glare all the way out of the cemetery.
"You need to let her go, Ava. It's been ten years. Don't you think we would have heard something by now, if she were alive?"
She stopped walking, turning to look back at Hudson. His broken expression stabbed her hard in the chest. "I will never let her go. Just like I could never let you go, if you were the one who had disappeared. Quinn was the sister I never had. Her memory, at the very least, will always live on with me."
Hudson shrugged. "Suit yourself.” 

Science teacher by day, writer and baseball mom by night, Carolyn LaRoche lives near the ocean with her husband, two boys, rescue puppy and four cats. She loves crocheting, books, food videos and trying new recipes.

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