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I assumed my secret crush on my next door neighbor would stay just that - a secret.

Dare To Kiss You, an all-new steamy small-town, mutual pining, neighbors to lovers romance from Bestselling author Julia Jarrett is available now!

I assumed my secret crush on my next door neighbor would stay just that - a secret.

Until my best friend dared me to ask Hunter Callaghan out.

I never turn down a dare…

It started as a way to get back into the dating scene after having my heart broken, but  it quickly turned into something more.

The golden retriever energy Hunter shows the world hides a softer, vulnerable side. Emotions that he keeps locked away from everyone… Except me.

I see him for who he is, and it’s those hidden depths that have me falling for him.

Being with Hunter is a dream come true. Until my meddling brothers start to pull at the seams of what we’re building. 

Now I’m worried the man I’m falling for will ignore what’s in his heart, and push me away.

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“If we aren’t getting dessert, should we get out of here? Maybe go for a walk?”

Kat nods, and the last trace of pain vanishes from her face. “That sounds lovely.”

I pay the bill, and soon we’re walking along the waterfront of Westport. Kat slips her hand in mine, and I swear, my heart grows impossibly large inside of my chest. 

She makes me feel like I could conquer the world. 

“My brother Max lives in Westport, to be close to the hospital he works at. I like it here, but honestly, give me the small-town energy of Dogwood Cove over this hustle and bustle any day.”

Her offhand comment is like a bucket of ice being dumped over my head. Because with just one reminder of her brothers, I’m faced with the reality that eventually, they’re going to find out Kat and I went out on a date. A

nd there’s no fucking way they’ll ever think this is a good idea. That I’m a good idea. 

Tightening my grip on Kat’s hand, I try to push that thought aside, at least for now. I’m on a date with the woman of my dreams, and I just want to enjoy it. Especially if it ends up being the only one I get with her once the other Donnellys find out. 

To my surprise, I manage to compartmentalize my panic and worry just enough to enjoy the rest of my walk with Kat and the drive home. 

The date went by way too quickly. And now we’re standing outside Kat’s house, and I’m mentally debating whether to risk being seen kissing her. I desperately want to. But what if someone drives past? 

But her thumb is slowly stroking across my knuckles, and she’s looking up at me as if I hung the moon and stars. Which I definitely did not. My body starts to move on its own, the decision about kissing her clearly made. 

I move slowly, in case she’s not ready for this, but then I see the small intake of breath and her pupils dilate. That’s all the proof I need. 

As soon as I lean down and cover her lips with mine, I’m a goner. My tongue teases the seam of her mouth, and she opens easily. I take it deeper. There’s no resistance; Kat is into this kiss just as much as I am, and that thought makes me soar. 

Her hands slide down my back until they’re hovering just above my hips. I tighten my grip on the back of her neck, just slightly, and angle her head so I can rain kisses down the smooth slope of her throat. 

“Hunter,” she says breathily, and I feel her fingers dig into my back just above the waistline of my jeans. 

I make my way back up to her lips and press another deep kiss there. I could do this forever. But I manage to find the strength and self-control to pull back, kissing her lightly on the nose before sliding my hands down and tangling them with hers. 

“Thank you for an amazing time, Kitty Kat.”

She lets out a breathy laugh. “Pretty sure I should be thanking you.”She squeezes my hands and licks her lips seductively. “I wish tonight didn’t have to end.”

“Kat,” I groan. “Remember what I said earlier? I’m trying to be a gentleman.”

She rises on her toes and brings her mouth to my ear. “I don’t always want a gentleman. Sometimes I want a bad boy who’s willing to break the rules.” She drops back down and winks. “But you’re right. We should be good. Save something for the second date.”

She’s already thinking of a second date. Somehow, I didn’t fuck everything up. Holy shit. “That second date is happening really soon, right?”I ask, caught up in the moment and the tremulous hope that I might actually get a second date with her. 

“Sounds good to me.”

We stand there holding hands, grinning like fools for a moment before I finally step away from her warmth. “Night, Kitty Kat,” I reply, pushing my hands into my coat pockets to try and arrange the cover to hide the bulge in my pants. Except all that does is draw attention to it, given how Kat’s eyes drop down, then back up to me with a flare of heat. 

“Goodnight, Hunter.” Kat takes a step back, a saucy smile covering her beautiful face. She turns and opens her door, gives me one more smile over her shoulder, and then closes it. 

It’s only when I’m inside my own house that I let out a long, slow exhale. The date had its moments, but overall, it went better than I possibly could have expected. Only now, there’s a whole new set of things for me to freak out about. 

Because I’ve had a taste of Kat Donnelly. And with that one taste, I’m addicted. 

Even if I’m not good enough for her. Even if her brothers try to push me away. 

There’s no turning back now.

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