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Lost in Flames by C.T. Nicholson
Lost Series Book 2

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A rescue to remember…

When Mike got the call about a house fire, he didn’t expect to have his life turned inside out. The attraction to Tessa, the woman he rescues, overwhelms him to the point he can’t shake it off. Only problem: the fire he rescued her from is under investigation and she’s the prime suspect. He believes her innocence, but suspects she knows who committed the crime. His protective gene kicks in and he offers her to stay with him until they figure things out. The only question he asks himself—Why is he doing this?

She could only run so far…

Mike saves Tessa’s life and she can’t just take off when the police are watching her every move. When they request that she stay at the precinct, she panics and takes the good-looking fireman up on his offer. She accepts to stay with a perfect stranger—one who causes her to feel things she can’t think about. For if she stays, she’s risking the lives of the people around her, but getting away isn’t going to be easy. Especially when Mike draws her closer to him the more time they spend with each other.

A mystery to solve…

There’s no doubt trouble has found Tessa and things are not what they seem. So does Mike put himself in the line of fire by rescuing Tessa? Or will the truth come out in time?

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Author Bio:
C.T. juggles raising two sons with her husband, a full time job and still manages to get her writing done. Between dirty diapers and sibling rivalry, she spends her only free time writing and escaping to the worlds that she creates. Sometimes she even manages to get some sleep…sometimes. Writing and becoming a published author is a recent dream come true. Most of what she reads revolves around paranormal and sci-fi romance, and her writing follows the same path. Not that she doesn't love a good contemporary story. The fun of weaving new worlds and species into existence is her true calling. She's a romantic to the core and wants nothing more than a happy ending. And of course sexy heroes!

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