Mistakes Of My Past


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Mistakes Of My Past

By Emily James


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What do you do when your relationship is so damaging that it destroys everything good in your life?
It’s simple, right? You escape - by any means necessary.
Twenty-one-year-old Amber knew that leaving Tommy was going to be hard and quite possible deadly. After all, she has things that he will stop at nothing to get.
When Amber flees England to start fresh with her estranged father in Ohio she starts rebuilding her life.
Will is recovering from his own disastrous relationship, which has left him mistrusting of high maintenance women. And when they meet, Amber seems just that.
Getting off to a rocky start, Amber and Will realise they have more in common than they thought.
Can Amber ever really free herself from the mistakes of her past?
Or are they only ever one short step behind her?
Mistakes of my Past is a stand-alone novel.
It is recommended for readers aged over 18 due to dark, abusive and sexual themes.
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