protecting-his-wolf-smallDown on her luck and stranded in a town she's never even heard of, werewolf Lexi Laramie is on the run from her enemies. Fearing all is lost, Lexi puts her trust in a mysterious and sexy stranger offering to rescue her.
Immediately drawn to Lexi's sexy smile and intoxicating scent, Sam Pompley knows he'd do anything to protect his destined mate. Giving her a safe place to stay is an easy remedy. As Lexi and Sam grow closer, their attraction ignites. But when Lexi's past comes back, she refuses to put Sam's life in danger. Will she shatter her own heart just to save the man she loves?

About the Book

Protecting His Wolf
by Vella Day
Weres and Witches of Silver Lake #7
Paranormal Romance
Erotic Reads Publishing
Publication Date
January 20, 2017
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The Weres And Witches of Silver Lake Series

weres-and-witches-of-silver-lake-1-0-a-magical-shift weres-and-witches-of-silver-lake-2-0-catching-her-bear weres-and-witches-of-silver-lake-3-0-surge-of-magic weres-and-witches-of-silver-lake-4-0-the-bears-forbidden-wolf weres-and-witches-of-silver-lake-5-0-her-reluctant-bear
weres-and-witches-of-silver-lake-6-0-freeing-his-tiger protecting-his-wolf-small

About Vella Day

vella-dayNot only do I love to read, write, and dream, I'm an extrovert. I enjoy being around people and am always trying to understand what makes them tick. Not only must my books have a happily ever after, I need characters I can relate to. My men are wonderful, dynamic, smart, strong, and the best lovers in the world (of course).
I believe I am the luckiest woman. I do what I love and I have a wonderful, supportive husband, who happens to be hot!
Fun facts about me
(1) I'm a math nerd who loves spreadsheets. Give me numbers and I'll find a pattern.
(2) I love photography, so I'll be posting pictures--especially of my Costa Rican adventure.
(3) I also like to exercise. Yes, I know I'm odd. Not only do I lift weights, I love to hike and walk on the beach (yes, it sounds like an ad for a date)
I love hearing from readers either on FB or via email (hint, hint).

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