Title: Panty Snatcher
Author: Chelsea Camaron
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 30, 2017
I don't do call backs.
I don't do commitments.
I am Zane Collier, player, manwhore, and bachelor for life.
My friends made a bet. One, I refuse to lose.
Regardless of the history Sawyer and I share, I'll remain the one hit wonder for life.
I am the panty snatcher.
So why can't I get hers?
***This is a small town, second chance, stand alone romance that is a fast paced short story. If insta-attraction, insta-lust, insta-love, and insta-ever after aren't your thing then this isn't the book for you. If it is then, prepare yourself to meet Zane, and wish this Panty Snatcher would snatch yours!!***

Man wish I could jump into some of these book and have hot sex with someone who takes my panties. Zane Collier collects panties of those who he claims in his bed. He doesn't shy away from that and is proud of it. There is only problem the girl whose panties he wants he can't have. Why? Because it's Sawyer the one that got away. The one that broke his heart and he doesn't want to deal with it. But a bet is a bet. However Sawyer has grown up and it will be Sawyer who has to teach a dog new tricks. Can these two move past the past and onto the future as friends? Will Zane get Sawyers panties?

Chelsea Camaron is a small town Carolina girl with a big imagination. She is a wife and mom chasing her dreams. She writes contemporary romance, erotic suspense, and psychological thrillers. She loves to write blue-collar men who have real problems with a fictional twist. From mechanics to bikers to oil riggers to smokejumpers, bar owners, and beyond, she loves a strong hero who works hard and plays harder.


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