Cowboy TOUGH Release


Title: Cowboy Tough 

Author: Michelle Beattie 

Genre: Contemporary Western Romance 

Release Date: September 24, 2020 

Cover Designer: The Killion Group 

Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC. 



Even though she hurried, she'd barely stepped out of the vehicle when Ryker slammed the hood closed. He pulled a rag from his pocket and wiped his hands. Then he lifted his head and she got her first good look at him.

Heat overcame her.  Even though the rain wasn't cold, she half expected to hear the sizzle as it landed on her suddenly overheated body. He was . . . he was . . . there weren't suitable words to do him justice. Calling him good-looking would be like saying a chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven was okay. Sexy was a given, and really didn't encompass the half of him. Sure, it described his tall, long-legged frame, the way his shoulders filled out the jacket he wore, and the scruff that covered his cheeks. It even took into account his boots and Stetson. What it didn't touch, not even scratched the surface of, was the potency of his attention when it was directed straight at her. 

Which was likely why she hadn't reacted to him when she'd been standing right beside him. Well, that and the fact that from the moment he'd tapped on her window, his attention had been all on the car, and she'd been so busy watching his hands and hoping he didn't zero in the problem too quickly, she hadn't paid attention to anything else.

Well, she was paying attention now.

International Bestselling Author Michelle Beattie first found her love of romance in romantic comedies such as Romancing the Stone and Valley Girl (yes, she realizes that dates her). It wasn't until after high school when she worked for a car rental company and had too much time on her hands that she started reading romances. Historicals were her go-to and she raided many bookstores looking for historical western romances. Eventually she started thinking "what if" and "I'd have done that differently" and quietly started writing her own. More than a dozen books later, Michelle has published in both digital and print platforms and her works have been translated in more than 4 languages. Michelle is a mother of two very strong, independent daughters. She is a certified member of the Master Bowler's of Alberta and loves coaching and passing on her love for 5 pin bowling. Besides bowling herself in a weekly league, she also likes to golf in the summer, play games, and read. Michelle lives in a solar-powered house in Central Alberta with her husband of almost 25 years, youngest daughter, and the cutest dog ever.



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