THEIR WANTED Bride Release

Welcome to the Bridgewater Brides World! Their Wanted Bride by Raisa Greywood is available now!
When two brawny cowboys seek a mail-order bride, they get more than they bargained for.
Desperate to escape the ruthless clutches of a man who wants her only for her inheritance, the lovely and daring Madelaine O’Connor flees on the first train west. Her hopes for safety and love rest far away in the hands of a stranger in the Montana Territory. She soon discovers she's bound to not one man, but two. These are Bridgewater men, who together, will claim Maddy in the most intimate of ways.
But everything isn't as perfect as it seems, for trouble follows the wanted bride all the way from Kentucky. Can they survive the threat to their love... and their lives?


Such a beautiful story of a strong women Madelaine who wants to escape her stepmother and the demon she is. Maddy was such a special women who I just felt her come out of the pages. She's smart, strong, knows what she wants and doesn't. And what she doesn't want is to marry someone that disgusts her. Caleb and Justin live in a town where it's okay to have two husbands and man they can't wait for their wife. Caleb takes things in his own hands and when that result comes out they meet Maddy. Things are not always what they seem, but these 3 will move heaven and heart to protect each other. When Maddy's family comes for her can Caleb and Justin save her in time. I loved this story and can't wait to read the rest of the series. You won't be disappointed at all.

About Raisa
Author of filthy smut, empty nester, and cat snuggler, Raisa grew up in traveling all over the world with a military family, but finally settled down and married the love of her life. After nearly a quarter century together, she and her husband are still very much in love. They even hold hands in public! They share the house they bought as newlyweds with a pair of irascible cats and a big red rescue horse.
She’s worked as a teacher, an actuary (her husband called her a bookie – which isn’t too far from the truth), mother, scout leader, and is now enjoying semi-retirement.
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