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. When former Navy SEAL Jeff Crockett witnesses an attempted kidnapping of a young girl, he makes a conscious choice to save her. But what he doesn't realize is how that singular decision will change his life forever. It is the catalyst for a new career and the event that opens the door to love.

What happens to former Navy SEALS when we enter civilian life?

Do we stop serving our country? 

Stop giving a damn about the mission we've been trained for? 

Stop caring about our fellow Americans who are unable to defend themselves? 

When I came face to face with human trafficking, I was forced to answer those questions.

My answer is and always will be "HOOYAH!"

I refuse to fail in the fight for freedom, and I am not alone. 

I am Jeff Crockett, founder and CEO of Cock Blockers, Inc.

A private securities corporation made up of former SEALS and support team members.

We target for rescue and recovery victims of human trafficking smuggled over the porous southern border.

Our motto: Freedom is the only option. 


Loved loved loved this book. Jeff Crockett is a former Navy Seal who saves lives and protects our country. Now that he is retired he never expected that he would use his skills to save a little girl from a kidnapping. What he also didn't expect was to come face-to-face again with the one woman who stole his heart years ago. Nina Fox has her own amazing Navy career and she's a badass. I loved her from the moment she was on the page. Now she's face-to-face with the one man that had her heart and since they weren't able to do anything before now things are off-limits. These two have chemistry and I love it. Jeff decides to start his own security team that helps with human trafficking. He brings in the best men he knows and the one person on his list is Nina. Now they have teamed up and are fighting the good fight. When it hits home it's about to get real. Now the team will find one of their own. Can they find the bad guys without losing anyone? And can Jeff and Nina have what they have always wanted?

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