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Sarah Baker has a secret. One that leads her home to Peak Valley, Kansas but when Eric Colson shows up she thought he would help her. She thought he would stand by her side, but instead he barely looks at her. With no other options Sarah decides she doesn’t need a hero, she can save herself.

Eric Colson knows Sarah is hiding something but he never expected it to rip them apart. Only fate has different plans. While working on a case that puts the citizen’s of Peak Valley in danger Eric and Sarah must work together or risk the safety of their beloved hometown. 

Can the two survive the evil hiding among them?

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Burns shifts to face me and points a finger at me. “I know you don’t like coming home. Peak Valley reminds you of all the losses you endured, but there were a lot of good memories, too. Don’t forget the good, Eric. We miss you.”

Burns searches my face with a look of worry. The old man is more preceptive than I care to admit. After leaving Peak Valley, I rarely returned until recently. It was a reminder of the shitty childhood my brothers and I had, but he isn’t wrong that there were a lot of good memories, too. Wreaking havoc on Burns in particular.  

“See.” He jabs a crooked finger into my shoulder with that goofy grin of his. “Remember that time we tried to convince Jax he was a sleepwalker, and we moved his sleeping butt around the house?”

“Yeah, I remember.” I chuckle, unable to stop the smile from spreading across my face. Jax was baffled for weeks.

“Remember when you and Sarah made a fake birth certificate for Clint on his sixteenth  birthday? He thought he had to wait another four months to get his driver’s license.”

“I forgot about that one,” I murmur, remembering Sarah and I working on creating a near perfect fake birth certificate. We had just started dating but even then, I knew she was the one. 

Thinking about Sarah only reminds me of her and McKnight. How very soon they will be prancing around Peak Valley as a happy family. Burns was right; I do have some good memories of Peak Valley, but all the really good ones were with Sarah.

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Romance Author. Professional Pen Thief. Coffee Addict. Obsessive Reader.

Amanda lives in the weather crazed Midwest where they experience hot summers and cold winters. She believes spring and fall are a beautiful made up fantasy. Amanda shares her life with her wonderful husband who despite her begging and pleading won’t grow his beard out. She has three teenagers, two girls and a boy, and two mouthy malamutes, that always keep her on her toes, and never stop eating.

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