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Title: Craving Deanna
Series: The Reality Book Series #3
Author: Dina Haynes
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 23, 2021


She’s having more fun than she bargained for. His interest is only skin deep… until he hears her real voice.

Deanna Matheson chose an unconventional job to fix an unconventional problem. But being a webcam girl could ruin her voice-acting career before it’s even begun. When hiding the secret from friends and family begins to take its toll, the opportunity of a lifetime falls into her lap. The decision should be a no-brainer…

Seth Reeves, a Hollywood talent agent, has been passing on relationships for far too long. He’s dead set to continue down a dark path with a masked woman that he’s only met online. When an audition reel crosses his desk, frustration and disbelief turns to hope. If it’s really her, he may risk it all to prove he’s the best, not only in business, but in bed.

Disaster strikes, and they cling to each other for sanctuary. But the secret behind their romantic entanglement threatens any chance of a future together, unless he bares his soul.

What sacrifices must they make for their relationship to last through the end-of-movie credits?

Craving Deanna is the soul-searching third novel in The Reality Book contemporary romance series. If you like intense connections, unique story concepts, with a few steamy scenes, then you’ll adore Dina Haynes’s emotional tale.



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He had spent so much time looking at an expressionless mask that he was having an out-of-context experience. The dumb disguise had one look frozen into its features, open-mouthed cartoon ecstasy. While Ms. Matheson was the picture of propriety.
“Oh, please, call me Jules.”
Virginia, huh? He squinted his eyes and tilted his head, hoping a different angle would help him see more clearly. Maybe she wasn’t his girl. His stomach did a flip-flop and settled. Well, damn. He hadn’t counted on her not being the one, which was a shame because she was nice to look at.
He’d stared so long the room grew silent, and he noticed Jules giving him a sideways look.
“Did she run the lines yet?” Seth asked.
“She’s a voiceover artist, not an actress,” Jules said. “Stop scrutinizing her like you’re a starving man sitting down to your first Thanksgiving meal.”
“Jules,” Seth said in a warning tone and cleared his throat. “So, I guess we’re doing the interview before the sides.” He pretended to look over the resume he knew damn well he had memorized. “Er… Says here you do a wide variety of voices, but I don’t see any acting schools, and your experience is a little thin. Where’d you study?”
“Hmm, let’s see,” Deanna said. “I’ve taken a few classes since I’ve been in LA.” She scrunched her face as if she was unsure about her answer. “But mostly my parent’s house? I guess you might say it just came natural.”
Seth was so focused on finding the resemblance between the woman before him and Doll_Face that he didn’t hear her answers. An image flashed in his mind of her naked in an upholstered chair with her knees spread. He practically jumped out of his seat when his slacks grew crowded behind the zipper. He sat up straighter and shifted in his chair.
“Well,” he said. “Let’s hear what you got.”
He listened intently as Jules instructed Deanna to read off the multiple sides. The more she read, the more restless he got. Sure, she had great range, but he wasn’t hearing the Doll_Face voice.
As he held her resume, something caught his attention. He put up a hand to stop her audition.
“S-Something wrong, Mr. Reeves?” Ms. Matheson asked.
The tremble in her voice made him look up from the paper in his hand. There was a lot riding on this audition, regardless of whether she was indeed the woman behind the mask. Yet, unbeknownst to her, she challenged him to keep his thoughts on the audition instead of her body. He’d learned to pay attention to talent and professionalism. In a nutshell, potential. Yet, at the moment, he only wanted to rip her blouse open so he could see her bra, certain that he’d recognize those breasts behind the white lace.
Ugh, you’re such a bastard, he chastised himself.
“I can do all different versions of the same voices,” she said. “Or more if you’d like.”
Mmm, more, he thought. Then straightaway, You scumbag.
Jules elbowed him in the ribs and said under her breath, “What’s the matter? She’s great. Just end her torture already.”
He glanced down at her resume again, massaging his temple. His hope was dwindling. By now, he thought he’d have a definitive answer to the question that had plagued him for days. Really, months. He could hire this girl easily, but disappointment turned to doubt and soon defeat.
“Says here you did an anime job,” he said. “Since the part I have in mind is for Disney, let me hear what you did for them.”
She sucked in a breath and paused. Her eyebrows danced as she took a beat too long.
He sighed and closed his eyes, exhausted from the day, even though it had only just begun. “Please, Ms. Matheson. There are twenty other girls out there who want this job as bad as you.”



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Dina Haynes cheated on her lackluster acting career in favor of doing more "character" work and has been writing romance ever since. She lives in the bustling city of Los Angeles where her priorities are French bulldogs, writing, coffee, wine, and cooking. She's looking for social media friends, so follow her on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and her website at



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