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A romance with Peaks and Valleys

Hazel Wood left the big city and lucrative career as a graphics artist to move back to Peak Valley to be closer to her ill mother and maybe reconnect with her half-brother Sheriff Warren McKnight. She thought it would be a quiet life until Jax Colson blew into her life.

Jax Colson isn’t used to being blown off, but Hazel has something he needs. When he gets the opportunity to twist her arm he jumps on it. Only their new partnership put a target on her head. 

Now the two must put their differences  aside and work together or neither will survive what evil lurks in the shadows.




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“I need your help.” She grabs my shirt and pulls me into the restroom, slamming the door shut.

            “What kind of help?” I raise a brow at her with a flirty smile. 

            She ignores my flirting. “I need you to get me out of this date.” 

            “Excuse me?”

            “I’m on a date with one of my brother’s deputies, and he brought his mom!” She raises her arms in disbelief. “His mom!”

            “His mom?”

            “Yes, that’s what I said.” She slaps her hands on her hips. “She won’t stop talking about him.”

            “So leave.” I shrug nonchalantly.

            “I tried!” she huffs, nibbling on her thumb. “I tried to say my stomach hurt, and his mom gave me some Pepto.” 

            “Is that why it smells in here?” I scrunch my nose.

            “No!” She smacks my chest. “I need you to help me get out of this. I’m afraid if I stay any longer, Leo’s mom will announce our engagement. She’s already told me she thinks we’ll have beautiful babies. I need you to think of something that will get me out of this.”

            “Let me get this straight…” I tap a finger to my lips. “You want me to come up with a brilliant idea that will get you out of a date you are currently on. Do I have it right?”

            “Yes,” she huffs, narrowing her eyes at me.

            “What’s in it for me?”




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Romance Author. Professional Pen Thief. Coffee Addict. Obsessive Reader.

Amanda lives in the weather crazed Midwest where they experience hot summers and cold winters. She believes spring and fall are a beautiful made up fantasy. Amanda shares her life with her wonderful husband who despite her begging and pleading won’t grow his beard out. She has three teenagers, two girls and a boy, and two mouthy malamutes, that always keep her on her toes, and never stop eating.

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