Pas de Deux Cover Re-Reveal


Title: Pas de Deux
Author: Jordan Bates
Genre: Contemporary Women's Fiction
Release Date: July 29, 2018


My life consisted of sweet tea, ballet, and not much else. That was, until the day that race car driver Lawson Kane came crashing into my life, literally.

He was a force to be reckoned with and I found myself being pulled by that force each time I saw him.

But what am I to do when all I’ve ever known is a city life that my parents created so seamlessly for me. A life where there was no adventures or following your own heart.

A life that changed the moment I got on the plane to Alabama.

Our story may have started with a slow dance in a planetarium but it ended with our pas de deux.


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“I always have you with me, sugar.” Law pulled out a photo from the inside of his jumper. It was a photo of me from our first date. I was staring up at the stars in the planetarium. I looked so in the moment, it was probably why I didn’t notice Law taking the photo.

I let a tear fall as I gave him one more kiss and backed away from the car. I glanced at where Chloe was standing with a few of the other women, but I didn’t want to join them. There was something about today that I wanted to be about me and Law. This was the next stepping stone, I realized. Moving in wasn’t the big deal, this was. If I could handle being here at this track with the nagging anxiety that something, anything, could happen to Law, then I knew what would come next.

I waited for Tony to step away and then we both made our way over to Law’s pit. I watched as some of the women left entirely, heading to the infield. I was glad Law had staked his claim of having me in the pit. I couldn’t stand being so far away from him. At least this way I had a better view of what was going on.

“We got you a few things.” Tony handed me a bag and I started to dig through.

I had taken my seat next to him on the stand in the pit where I could see the whole track from here. I pulled out a headset and a shirt from the bag. I turned the shirt over to see Sugar written on the back and on the front in small letters it said Kane Racing.

“Welcome to the team.” Tony put on his headset and then pointed to mine. I quickly tossed the shirt over the tank I had on and then put on the headset where instantly I could hear voices coming through. One was Law’s and the other Tony’s.

“Your girl’s on now,” Tony said beside me, but I heard it only through the headphones.

“I love you, Anya.” Law’s voice came through loud and clear, and I heard over the cheering of the crowd words I had only ever heard on television.

“Gentlemen, start your engines.”


Jordan Bates is an up and coming romance author from Florida, who is determined to write loves that last and are true to everyone who reads them.
Jordan graduated from UCF with a degree in English - Creative Writing. She has been writing since her freshman year in high school, where she finished her first and second book. Since then, she has pursued writing poetry, young adult novels, and romance novels.
When she isn't working or writing, you can find her looking for inspiration among the forests, and finding all the new food to eat. Because what's better than writing? Eating an amazing burrito.



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