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Title: Rough & Tumble
Series: Coming Home to the Mountain #1
Author: Frankie Love
Genre: Small Town Romance
Release Date: January 18, 2022


When you grow up in Home, WA, the road always leads you to… well, home.

I’m Bartlett Rough, and I’ve never left the mountain where I was raised with my six brothers and sisters. Cheesy as it may sound, Home really is where the heart is.

But we’re all growing up, building cabins of our own, taking claim of our land. Things are changing.

I feel that more than ever, when the winter winds sweep Abby into town.
This wild, fierce beauty is everything I’m not.

I own the hardware store, know everyone in this town by name, and am expected to settle down with someone local.

Abby tumbled into town on a train, with nothing to her name, clutching her dog Hijinx, and holding onto her memory of Home from when she came through here years ago.

I’ve played it safe my whole damn life.
After one night with Abby, I have someone to fight for.
A reason to risk it all.

But falling for her has no guarantees -- she could leave as fast as she came, taking my heart along with her.

Coming Home to the Mountain is a new filthy-sweet, high heat series by Frankie Love featuring rugged mountain men who fall hard, fast and forever. And with the women they love at their side, they choose to put family first.

In this series, Dad shows up, sister’s remember to call, big brother’s always look out for you, and Mom knows to keep an extra seat at the table for Sunday dinner. Not every family is perfect -- and the Rough family has its own set of problems -- but at the end of the day, they know what matters: Coming Home.




Her lips are soft, willing. Smooth. And damn, I don’t want this kiss to end. Her eyes flutter open, and her fingers run through my hair. She smiles in my arms and I know I’m holding her tight.
I don’t wanna let her go. She’s someone I’ve just met and I’m probably breaking 1000 rules.
It’s reckless and it’s ridiculous. It’s also fucking happening. This woman and me, tonight? It’s fucking on. There’s a hunger in her eyes, and there’s a need in my cock, and there’s more than that. There was a connection in the car that whole drive up to my cabin.
“What are you thinking?” she asks me.
“I’m thinking I want you in that bed. Now.”
“I’ve never done this,” she says, her eyes exploring mine.
“Never ever?”
“Never ever. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to,” she says softly. She licks her lips. Her tongue is pink.
Her innocence may not be on the surface, but I can see it now; it’s a hidden layer she wasn’t showing right away, but now that it’s come out, I understand. She is tough on the outside. Soft in the center. And fuck, she’s a virgin.
“I don’t want to press you to do anything you’re not ready to do. We just met. We don’t need to have sex the first night.”
Her hands press to my chest, fingering the buttons of my flannel shirt. She’s licking her lips again. My cock is hard as a rock.
I want her in ways she doesn’t even understand. “What if we just start something and see where it takes us?” she asks, her voice lifting at the end, trying to see where I might go with this.
She has no fucking clue that I will go wherever she wants to take me. Including to the ends of the goddamn earth, because I like her. I like her one hell of a lot. Abby is the kind of girl you fall for. Hard.
This girl with a blind dog who’s come in on a fucking train, rolling into my life in a way I was not at all prepared for.
But I’ve been playing it safe for years, doing what everyone expects – running the family store, showing up for Sunday dinner. When’s the last time I had real fun? When’s the last time I went for it? I’ve been waiting for perfection but what if the present really is perfect?


Releasing February 22


Releasing March 22



Frankie Love writes sexy stories about bad boys and mountain men.

❤ Get ready to fall in love ... you deserve it! ❤


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