RUIN Release


Title: Ruin
Series: Dark Island Scots #1
Author: Jolie Vines
Genre: New Adult Romantic Suspense
Dark Romance
Release Date: January 27, 2022


I wanted him. He wanted to ruin me.
It was the blood I noticed first. Running down the neck of the man on the ferry.
Then his bruised knuckles, dark eyes, and arrogant smirk.
The handcuffs came last.
No one else paid him attention, but I couldn’t look away. Or deny my instant lust.
I had no idea he was being imprisoned on the remote, dark Scottish island I knew well.
Or that he’d been kidnapped, not arrested.
I went from that naïve girl on the boat, dreaming of stolen kisses, to the one who held the key to his prison cell.
When heat turns to hate, all that’s left is ruin.
Ruin (Dark Island Scots, #1) is a new adult romance with dark themes, including angst, lust-to-hate-to-love, and lost innocence. This series will be deeply interconnected, so expect the occasional wicked cliffhanger. It'll be well worth the heart palpitations.
Lose yourself in Ruin.



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He swore and held the bottle to him, his eyes closed. “Why are ye helping me?”
“Honestly? I’ve no idea.”
“But ye believe me that I’m naw a criminal.” He worked his jaw. “Don’t answer that. I’m not a good guy. I’ve been arrested more than once. But this shite is next level.”
I kept my mouth shut, and Struan’s gaze connected with mine, the scrutiny intensifying, like he needed to get into my head.
Inexplicable delight ran through me, a fizz of…chemistry?
Struan’s look turned predatory, raking over me with raw heat and a hunger I barely understood. It scared the life out of me, sharpening my senses.
Suddenly, he lurched up and into my space. I gasped and dropped back onto an elbow. He prowled up my body, forcing me to lie back. One hand landed next to my head, supporting his weight.
His body didn’t touch mine in any place, yet I was still pinned down.
“I repeat, why are ye helping me?” he growled. “What’s in it for ye? Are ye part of this place?”
“W-what do you mean?”
“Small island. A lass who isnae from around here. Ye landed at the same time I did. Is your da my jailor?”
“No! He works in politics in London. We’re only here to visit Granny.”
My phone dropped to the cave floor and shut down, leaving us in perfect darkness.
Struan’s warm breath ghosted over me. “A lass like ye shouldn’t be anywhere near someone like me.”
I shivered, unable to answer.
“Which only means ye have another interest. Name it.”
The weight of him grew palpable, pressing down on me though his body still hovered an inch above mine. The deep scent of man filled my lungs.
Lust sliced through me, shocking in the fast rush of it.
Never once had I felt that. The dark and delicious taste of it on my tongue.
“What is it?” he continued in a taunting drawl. “My mouth, my d**k? Does the bad-boy thing get ye off?”
Brand-new desires broke over me. Not to touch him. Not at all. I wanted the opposite. For this complete stranger to grab me and make me do stuff.
God, I couldn’t admit that.


Releasing July 29



Romance author Jolie Vines writes brooding, swoony Scots, bad boys and troublemakers, and honourable men too.

She lives in the UK with her husband and son, and loves nothing more than wrecking fictional people for a living. They always get a (steamy AF) happily ever after, so forgive her the torment.

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