A MAN OF Power Release


A MAN OF POWER by SE Rose is LIVE!!!



There’s only one thing billionaire Congressman Sebastian North can’t have, and her name is Alexis Martin.

In a city of kings and kingmakers, Sebastian made a deal with the devil. He vowed to abide by rules when he joined a secret society that promised him power beyond his wildest dreams. Only his new staff member has him wanting to break all the rules.

When Alexis takes an opportunity to start her career as a staffer for Sebastian, she’s well aware of his enticing dark side. From day one, she knows only one thing for sure, she can’t fall for him.

But in this city of power players, women are going missing and dirty money is exchanging hands. Piece by piece, Alexis begins to put the puzzle together, and the revelations have Sebastian questioning every choice he’s made.


Congressman Sebastian North has had his fair share of stuff happen to him. He's in the big boys club and has made promises to rocket him to the top. Sebastian and his best friends are beautiful human beings that I fell in love with from the very beginning of this book. I didn't know where this story was going to go, but when it was finished I was sad. Alexis Martin is the new intern in the Congressman's office. This is the dream she has always wanted and she's about to be closer than she thought. Sebastian and Alexis have a chemistry that is powerful and beautiful. They navigate the crazy pretty well, but when things come to the doorstep can Sebastian protect Alexis before it's too late? S.E. you blew me away with this story. 


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