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I promised myself sophomore year of college was going to be the year I truly let myself experience life. I never imagined that mindset would lead me down this dark, dangerous path. 

Directly into the Illicit Brotherhood. 

I’m brought into a world filled with the perfect mixture of danger and pleasure.

Maybe that’s why I find him so intoxicating.

When my quiet life erupts into chaos, and loyalty is tested, I’m left wondering if he will choose me or the Brotherhood?




Broken alliances.

Being a part of the Illicit Brotherhood we’re trained to be prepared for anything. Our college experience is a study in torture and a degree in murder. Loyalty over everything. We’re supposed to protect our own, but when she comes into our world, she may be my one exception. 

I only wonder when she finds out who I really am, will she choose me or destroy me?

Death is coming. No one is Safe.





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Pledge Your Loyalty Teaser 5

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Scanning the crowd for my frat brothers, my eyes seek the glowing masks we coordinated for our fraternity’s annual Halloween party. Delta Pi Theta never does anything less than the fucking best, and tonight is no exception. People may not know exactly what we are, but they know who we are. The best of the best. The elite. This fraternity is the golden ticket to a life of wealth and privilege. But at what cost? We don’t share that detail. However, those who survive the four years in the brotherhood at Thorn University have already proven they’ll do anything, and give anything, to be, and remain, at the top.

Despite the slight fog rolling off the nearby swamp grounds, I find my brothers easily, at the corner perimeter of the party, watching, always staying alert. For trouble. For a possible threat. For a potential client…or target. To everyone around us, Delta Pi Theta members appear to be just a group of friends partying. No one sees who we really are…the predators among the prey. That’s the way we like it and want to keep it.

As members of The Illicit Brotherhood, the double life we lead on our college campus requires us to blend in, to act like normal college kids, while also helping our families run an underground empire. One that requires loyalty from one another and our associates. Unfortunately, tonight, I am going to have to remind one of our own what happens when that loyalty is broken. 

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Gail Haris & Ashton Brooks 2 (1)

AM Brooks is an author with a variety of stories; Contemporary Romance, New Adult, and mature YA. Her writing style is suspenseful and sometimes leads to heart-wrenching conclusions. With a background in forensic psychology she really goes for those investigative, dark and twisty feels. And of course, lots of love!

Brooks enjoys reading as much as writing. Television shows such as Criminal Minds, Scandal, and One Tree Hill are her go-to binge worthy series. She loves spending time with her friends and family with a good glass of beer or wine. If she isn’t reading or writing, Brooks is Pinteresting future home projects for her wonderful husband to accomplish.


Gail Haris believes in fairytales, love, and laughter as the best medicine. 

She was born and raised in a small town in Southeast Missouri. After graduating with a degree in Mass Communications, Gail married her high school sweetheart and moved back to her hometown. After the birth of her first daughter, she began writing during the middle of the night, and before she knew it, a series was born.

Gail’s writing style is a mixture of heart, humor, suspense, and unexpected twists. Her emotional roller coasters always lead to a happily ever after - you just have to survive the ride. Her books are contemporary and new adult, and intended for mature audiences. 

When she’s not writing, she can be found singing with her two daughters or laughing with her amazing husband, Bobby. She hopes by pursuing her dreams, it’ll encourage her daughters and you. Never give up on your dreams, love, books, and coffee. Don’t forget the coffee ;)


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