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Sydney’s Boxer

Youngblood Book 1

By Sumi Singh


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All I ever wanted was my father’s approval, but when he dies, he leaves me his boxing club instead. When new boxer, Dean, walks into the club, the promise I made becomes that much more difficult to keep.

My father’s last wish is for me to take over the failing Youngblood Boxing Club. I never wanted it, and yet, I find myself struggling to recuse it from financial ruin. Dean, our cocky, new boxer promises he can win titles and help me save the club.

I’m torn between the duty to my legacy and protecting my heart.

As much as I fight the attraction, I can’t deny he sets my pulse racing. I vowed never to fall for a boxer, but Dean is set on winning my heart as well.

About Sumi Singh:

Sumi Singh hails from Cape Town, South Africa. She moonlights as a Romance Writer, runs marathons to let off steam, is a Mom, Wife and Personal Assistant by day. Reading was her first love and the library, her go-to place to get lost in adventures. An avid journal writer was where she discovered her passion for writing. Romance was the genre that spoke volumes to her and it was where her journey began in becoming a Romance Author. As with all journeys, it was never easy. It took years of hard work, venturing down wrong paths, finally joining ROSA, the Romance Organization of South Africa, by entering the 2018 Strelitzia competition, surprising herself by coming out as the 2nd runner up for this very book. Now she is set to become a dream come true Published Author!

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