Savage KING Release


Title: Savage King
Series: Savage Raiders MC #1
Author: Eve Black
Genre: MC Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 24, 2022


He's built like a beast, he rules like a king, and he f**ks like a god. As president of the Savage Raiders MC, Odin works hard but plays harder. He can have anything and anyone he wants…and he has. He revels in it. It isn’t arrogance when it’s true—and every woman knows that being with him is like dying and going to…Valhalla.

The Savage Raiders is the richest, hardest, and deadliest MC in Las Vegas, and they rule with an iron fist…which makes getting what they want that much easier.

So why isn’t she giving him a second look? And why does he f**king care that she wasn’t falling for his charms, his name, or his money? And why the hell does he want her more than he's wanted anything else in his life? She's built like a Norse goddess, is fierce and badass, and is sexy as hell—and she doesn’t even know it.

When the MC is targeted by an enemy, his woman is dragged into his dangerous world, and it takes everything the Savage Raiders have to keep her safe.

One look at his Valkyrie is all it took to bring him to his knees. So the savage king is going to make her his queen—and damn whoever gets in his way.

Savage King is a sexy, BBW, MC romance and is the first book in the hot, thrilling Savage Raiders MC series. No cheating. No cliffhangers. A satisfying HEA.



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Eve Black is the sexy contemporary romance-loving alter-ego of a sweet historical romance author...who also writes dark, sexy medieval romance under another name. Eve is one of several personalities in one crazy package. When Eve isn't writing books, she is editing other people's books, freelance writing marketing content, or wrangling her children. For fun, Eve loves to read (obviously) sexy contemporary and historical romance books, binge-watch old Supernatural, Burn Notice, Leverage, and Lucifer episodes on Netflix, and play mind-numbing games on her tablet.

Eve lives in an untidy house on a little over an acre in rural Northeast Pennsylvania with her husband of 17 years and their four children, two cats, and one chicken.



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