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Beloved by Jane Henry is now live! 

From the first moment I meet Ricco Montavio, my world tilts on its axis.


Hotter than hell and maddeningly dominant, he has the nerve to show up at my daughter’s preschool. So now, Mr. Hot, Dominant, and Dangerous is in my world on the regular.


Why me?


I’m a rule follower. A single mom just trying to make ends meet who was not looking to hook-up with anyone… much less a King of the Boston Underworld who makes his own rules.


Every fiber of my being screams at me to run.


But instead...


I kneel.


I submit.


I plummet headlong into a love affair with the most dangerous man I’ve ever met.

But Ricco Montavio breaks people for a living.

I can only hope the choice I make doesn’t break me. 

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Holy Crap if I thought the brothers before Ricco got your blood pumping well get ready because he's about to knock your socks off. Ricco is back with the family after the tragedy of losing his wife. When he steps in to save his brother in front of their club his path that he thought would be somewhat simple turns to anything but. Dani and her little girl have been through some heartache, but she knows the moment she meets Ricco things will change. These two have the spark but it is so much more than that. Dani is looking for answers, but not sure she will like what she finds. And someone is trying to destroy what Ricco and his family have built. When it comes to Dani's daughter things are about to turn and let's just say man I couldn't put this story down. It's about love, trust, passion, drama, and so much more.

Meet Jane

Fueled by dark chocolate and even darker coffee, USA Today bestselling author Jane Henry writes what she loves to read— character-driven, unputdownable romance featuring dominant alpha males and the powerful heroines who bring them to their knees. She's believed in the power of love and romance since Belle won over the beast, and finally decided to write love stories of her own. 


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