TOWER or PAIN and SORROW Release




From USA Today Bestselling Authors SR Jones and Silla Webb comes a twisted, angsty, age gap Fractured Fairy Tale Romance filled with pain and sorrow.

I thought I wanted freedom, but I was wrong.

I just needed a different kind of prison.


I found her locked in a tower. The girl who wrote a plea for help in her own blood.

Her note called to something dark in me, and so I returned for her and took her as mine.

Now she seems to think I’m her angel.

She says we can be something beautiful.

I’ve warned her that beauty is deceitful, but she’s nothing if not a believer … in us.

In this.

Can I live up to what she needs from me, or will my cold heart ruin this the way it does everything good in my life?


He rescued me from my room in the tower and set me free.

I’m lost in a new world, unable to navigate my new life.

The rules and regulations of my enforced conformity were like restraints, and with them gone, I’m unmoored.

I need a new safety and crave the certainty I had in my tower but without the pain and sorrow.

Can this brutal but beautiful man, my fallen angel, give me that? I believe so.

Slowly, one fragile step at a time, I explore my new world.

But I explore too far, and the past catches up with me in a dangerous way.

All I can hope and pray for is that I’ll find redemption a second time and truly be set free.

Tower of Pain and Sorrow is a forced proximity captive romance featuring a sweet sunshine heroine and a broody, grumpy hero with Who did this to you vibes.


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Modern-Day Rapunzel with a little bloodshed. James found a girl in a tower who gave him a note to help. But he has his own things going on before he can think about saving her. However, now is the time to figure out what is going on in that house. Ellie is so beautiful and strong and has been through so much since she was younger. She knows she needs to fight to get out of the hell she's been put in. When her dark angel comes to save her, she will make the ultimate decision. Now that James has her he will do what he can to protect her. Secrets and lies are revealed and Ellie will have to learn to live in the world she has been kept from. When danger starts lurking can James keep her safe and keep her?


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