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A Curvy Girl Fake Date Romance

By Annee Jones

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I’m Dani Lane, and I’m a supermodel. At least, I used to be before I gained weight. I just couldn’t keep starving myself anymore. But now I’m not getting jobs, and my modeling contract is in jeopardy. Add to this is the fact that my boyfriend just broke up with me, and you could say I’m pretty miserable right now.

My shorter, skinnier younger sister, however, is having the time of her life. She just got engaged and the wedding’s coming up. It will be a destination wedding, held at the Hillcrest Resort.

The problem is that I don’t have a date, and I need one fast. So when I hear of a new dating service app, I sign up in a heartbeat and book the hottest man on there to join me for the week of the wedding.

When I get to Hillcrest Resort, I’m taken with the beautiful setting and luxurious amenities, not to mention the sweet, good-looking server who I literally run into over breakfast. After my fake date texts to say his flight is delayed, I find myself wondering if I want him to arrive after all?

Will two people trying to fake their way into romance realize it’s the heart that matters most when it comes to love?

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