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Her Master

A Swoon worthy Romantic Adventure

New York Rogues: Rossi Book 7

By Quinn Marlowe


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What to expect:

🖤Mafia romance

🖤Romantic suspense

🖤Mafia romance

🖤Age gap romance

🖤Forbidden romance

🖤Enemies to lovers

🖤Mafia war


My kidnappers didn't expect me to fight for my life. They also didn't give me any other choice.

Frightened but free, the only person I could think to call was Dax Romano. And he came to save me, the way I hoped he would.

Should I have left him alone? Probably. But he's the man I can't stop thinking about. The man I've somehow fallen for.

And unfortunately for me, he's also the man whose powerful connections I simply can't ignore.

When everything goes to hell again and I can't find my own way out of yet another bad situation, he is, once more, the one who shows up to save me.

The question is, what does this Romano want? To use me as a bargaining chip with the other side?

Or to take me home and keep me for himself?


One minute I'm running for my life from an ambush, the next I'm saving Dante from herself and the people who would use her for their own gain.

If she knew what was best for her, she'd listen to me or her brothers and keep her head down while we put an end to this war once and for all.

Unfortunately for us, she's smart, resourceful, and stubborn. And she intends to do everything her own way.

Like stealing my heart when I least expected it.

And then getting herself kidnapped by the family who wants everyone she cares about dead.

I'm going to save her. I have to.

And if we live through the war we're facing, I'm going to take her home and make her mine for the rest of our lives.

Her Master is the final book in the Dante and Dax duo of the New York Rogues: Rossi series and features a steamy age gap, forbidden love, a possessive hero, mafia war, and epic romantic suspense.

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