Surrender to Me

Ava Thompson left the love of her life, Jasper White, to unearth her destiny. Even though the decision was the toughest of her life, it was the only way for Ava to grow into the woman she’s always wanted to become.

Sadly, that destiny has led her back to the place that broke her.


And more importantly, it has led her back to the man who broke her.


But Ava is no longer the scared, lost girl she once was. Ava is stronger, and she will not allow her past, taint her future. 

Six months later, Ava travels back to Los Angeles for an event that embraces the true meaning of love. Sadly for Ava, her meaning of true love has been lost.

And that’s because of one life changing event that has altered her life forever.

Los Angeles is not how Ava left it. Things have changed. People have changed. She has changed. But what has remained untouched is her passionate love for Jasper White.

But does Jasper feel the same?

Monica James is Amazon's bestselling author of I Surrender, the first book in the I Surrender Trilogy. I Surrender was released July 30th 2013 through 

Monica James spent her youth devouring the works of Anne Rice, William Shakespeare and Emily Dickinson. Listening to the likes of Elvis to Fiona Apple and everything in between has been her inspirational tool to write. Her varied musical and literary tastes have shaped her into the writer she has become. Monica partook in extra Literature and Writing studies in High School. She studied a Bachelor of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at La Trobe University Victoria, Australia, majoring in Philosophy and Cinema Studies for three years. When she is not writing she is running her own business, but always finds a balance between the two. Monica enjoys reading honest, heartfelt and turbulent stories that leave an imprint on her. She put pen to paper because she wanted to write a book that she would want to read. She draws inspiration from her surroundings, hopeful others enjoy reading about the world as she sees it.

Twitter: @monicajames81

Tumblr: monicajames81

Our Review:

Surrender to Me is a feel good love story with the lives of two people who love each other but are to afraid to tell each other their true feelings about how each other feel. We met Ava, Harper, and Jasper in book one I Surrender. So you know how powerful their love story is and how Ava is torn between a broken heart and the heart that has been healed. In this book things just are not clicking together for Jasper and Ava and the more they try to be together the more doubt Ava has. That doubt and Jasper's actions tear them apart. Insert Harper back into the life of Ava and a whole massive dram begins all over again. As Ava's BFF V get's married Ava returns to LA with Harper and to face the one man that holds her heart Jasper. But again things don't work out words are said and a devastation is formed. However Jasper and Ava's love is strong and as they FINALLY talk through their feeling they know they belong together. However Harper has other plans for Ava. Read the 2nd book in the Surrender Series you will love it.


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