Teach Me Love

About the Book:

Jacob Greene, sexy multimillionaire CEO of Greene Publishing is a broken man desperate to find reason in his life. Losing Katherine, the love of his life, makes a once gentle and kindhearted man into someone dark and miserable. 

Abigail Anderson, single mother, second grade teacher, is tired of living her life alone. But the only man she's ever loved betrayed her and left her in the dark. 

Now, three years later, their paths cross. A rocky beginning soon turns into something more. Real. The feeling is mutual and their feelings grow. But secrets always have a way of coming out. 

Will Jacob and Abigail be able to learn how to love again or will they suffer alone for the rest of their lives?

This will be a stand alone. 

 About the Author: S. Moose

I graduated from St. John Fisher College with my BA in 2011. I love writing and it's always been a dream of mine to publish my work. Reading is a passion of mine and the recent self publishing authors have inspired me to do the same.

I want to inspire others with my words the way I have been inspired through countless works of literature. I think that everyone has a purpose in life, it just takes time to find it.

Other Links and Codes:
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 10 Fun Facts about S. Moose
1. My middle name is Molly
2. I'm addicted to my phone
3. Apparently I snore but I know I don't!
4. I'm very shy
5. I love dirty martinis
6. I have a Michael Kors obsession
7. I drink about 3-5 cups of coffee
8. I eat finger foods (fries, chicken tenders, popcorn shrimp) with mayo
9. I really want a tattoo but won't get one because I'm scared of needles
10. I'm scared of the dark

Our Review:

This book is a 5+ star read. I feel in love with the story of Abigail and Jacob. They had one person in common Katherine who lost her life way to early, but because of her love for 2 people she brought them back together in the most amazing way. Abigail didn't know if she could trust Jacob especially with her son. But Jacob proves that no matter what happens he will love them both forever. However when things start to go wrong and Abigail is in an accident, Luke's dad returns, and Jacob's ex gets in the way find out how Jacob and Abigail deal with it all. This is a wonderful story of faith, love, and forever. You will fall in love too!

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