Sweet Forty-Two


Regan Kane arrived in San Diego with nothing but a violin, his car and what feels like a lifetime of grief. Although he’s surrounded by friends and music, one delivery from the post office reminds him that the past is always just around the corner. When he befriends a local bartender, Regan wonders if letting go is what he wants to do at all. 

Georgia Hall has spent most of her life in the shadows of her mother's mental illness. Pushing away those around her ensures they won't get hurt when she succumbs to the same fate.

All of that unravels when she meets Regan. As her life spins out of control and the line between reality and fairytale blurs, she has to make a choice to trust or fall.

Regan and Georgia are searching for healing among the wreckage. Will doing so together make moving on all the more sweet?

Or will the secrets and darkness of the past drive them apart?

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Andrea is a 2005 graduate of Cornell University and does not currently use her degree in Development Sociology. 

She does, however, use her people skills and love for writing every day. She and her partner, Charles Sheehan-

Miles, live and write together in Massachusetts

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I totally fell in love with this book. This is a true love story between two broken hearted people for very different reasons who come together and fight to be healed. Reagan lost the love of his life and moved to continue his music when he meets Georgia a hot headed scared women that has secrets no one but their best friend CJ knows about. As Reagan and Georgia embark on a friendship things start to become comfortable as they try to heal what has hurt their hearts. Follow this romantic couple who as friends can over come anything. This was sweet and I loved it. 


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