Taste of Sin


Everyone knew Marco Henry as the private and handsome billionaire who only dated supermodels. He was elusive to the public and that is why the media wanted to know everything that they could about him.
However, Marco valued his privacy as much as he loved to live his life to the extreme. He drove the fastest cars, sailed the roughest seas and engaged in the most dangerous of sports. He liked to live life on the edge and no woman was ever going to change that.

Charley Pointer was a tomboy who was fascinated by the secret underground fighting world. She loved it as much as she hated it and went undercover to research the fighting scene for her college newspaper. As part as her cover, she underwent a makeover to turn her into a sexy water girl and it was on her first night that she met Marco Henry.

As soon as Marco Henry saw Charley Pointer, he knew that he wanted her. He didn’t care if all his warning bells went off when he saw her. All he wanted was one night. One night to let her see what it felt like to taste and touch sin.



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