Wicked Surrender

Blurb: Wicked Surrender

The Beaudelaire is not just a five star hotel critically- acclaimed for satisfying the rich and elite. During New Year's weekend, the hotel becomes the Den of Sin, where all desires and fantasies come to life.

To indulge in your most wicked desires….
After kicking her cheating ex-boyfriend to the curb, Kris Delacourt became celibate. Her grudge against the opposite sex has rendered her love life non-existent. The one thing that hasn’t been reduced is her sexual appetite. Kris is tired of spending her nights playing with hard plastic and silicone. She wants a real man. Spending a night at the Den of Sin sounds like the kick start she desperately needs. She doesn’t expect to meet one of the World’s Most Eligible Bachelors there. This isn’t the first time she’s met Travis Brenden, but it seems he doesn’t even remember her.

…would you surrender control?
Travis Brenden is a man who treasures being in control and he relinquishes it for no one. An invite to an exclusive event leads him to cross paths with a woman who seduces him with one innocent glance and erupts a torrid desire deep inside him. He dubs her the Temptress. Within the Den of Sin, he can indulge without the high expectations that come with his social status. Yet, something about this temptress jogs his memory to no end and while he’s with her his control begins to slip.

Excerpt: Wicked Surrender

Travis followed his temptress to the opposite end of the ballroom, where she stopped in front of the floor legend. He paused in his pursuit as well and stood several feet behind her. All he could do was stare, wondering why he felt like a young dude still wet behind the ears and running after his first piece of tail. The last time he’d drooled at the mouth over a woman was back in high school.
She tilted her head to the side as if checking to see if he was behind her. If that was in fact her purpose she turned it quickly again, averting her attention to the hotel legend.
What was he waiting for? He’d arrived here just for this reason. To indulge his fantasies at the Den of Sin. He approached her, although she did not immediately look up from the diagram on the podium labeling every level and every main area of kink.
Finally she turned making direct eye contact. She pursed her lips as she observed him. Her brows nearly came together again as she appeared deep in thought.
“Am I in your way?” she asked calmly.
Her voice was beautiful and he could have sworn he’d heard it before.
“Not at all.” He smiled. “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”
She blushed and looked away shyly. “I don’t think so.”
“I’d like to know you.” He gestured to the legend with his hand. “Which floor were you headed to?”
“I’m not interested in a ménage,” she said, quickly.
“Excuse me?”
“I saw you. I’m not headed to your level.”
He chuckled softly. “Then how about I head to yours?”
She smiled and her face brightened up. “Only if you can guess which one that is…”
“I’d rather not take a wild guess.” Travis held out his hand. “Can I buy some clues?”

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