Title: Boomtown (Freebirds #1)
Author: Lani Lynn Vale
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publication Date: April 1, 2014



I wanted to have a pity party of one when I went for that beer. I never imagined I would meet a dark and dangerous man. That man took me on the wildest ride of my life. Literally and Figuratively. He quickly became my entire world.


I didn't know I was looking for her. I saw her warming that bar stool and knew she would be mine. A man like me doesn't deserve the likes of her. But damned if I didn't take it.


When we met for the first time we didn't know that we already had a connection. A cruel game was being played, and we didn't know the rules. Sam would save us, but at what cost? Sam was one of my main reasons for living. If he wasn't in this world anymore, would I still want to be a part of it?

My Review:

Hot & Steamy romance well why not. Sam isn't your typical bad boy he is strong and powerful and has a heart of gold. After needing a break and taking time he went for a drink where he runs into Cheyenne who is at the bar for a drink herself. They don't know each other all they want is a warm body to share for the night. Stubbornness get's in the way of them trying to find one another. However when circumstances surrounding her brother involve Sam they are brought together. It doesn't help that her BFF's brother works with Sam as well. Can these two people stay away from one another? Or are their hearts destined to be together forever? 


Meet the Author:

I am a married mom of three perfectly crazy children (They get it from their father.) I'm in school for my BSN. I'm an avid reader and go through books like candy. Romance books are my vice, and you will never catch me not reading something. I've had Boomtown's story floating around in my brain for some time, and finally decided to just go ahead and write it.

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