Ryder's Redemption

Ryder's Cover
Cover Designer: Double J Book Graphics
Cover Model: Jason JC Kurtis
Photographer: Jason Hanscom
Publisher: Wolf Paw Publications
Ryder thought this last run was going to be simple, but little did he know that what was about to happen would not only test him but test the whole Dueling Dragons MC.
Follow along with the MC and Ryder as they are pinned brother against brother, leader against leader and lastly lover against lover. Will Ryder find his way out of this to get back to Faith? Or will he be left to ride alone again...
Ryder's Redemption Cover Teaser
The door creaks open and I’m pulled from thoughts of Faith. My Faith, she is going to be my only good thoughts through all of whatever this bullshit is. I shake my head a little bit and look up.
“So, what the fuck? Are you guys going to do with me? Huh?” The gray haired man from before enters, looks down at me, and sucks air through his teeth.
“You pile of shit. You’re going to work for me a little bit longer. ” He gets a grin on his face and runs his palm over his chin. “You are going to make a very good fighter. Yes, I think you will be my new feature fighter.”
He steps out the door for a second and I can hear him talking to someone in Russian.
“Here’s the deal, Ghost. You don’t mind if I call you that, do you?” Yeah, you fuck, I do mind, I think.
“You’re going to fight five times for me. You will fight and you will win.”
“What the hell do you mean?” I turn my attention to the guys standing behind him. I might be able to knock out one of them, maybe even two, but the third would be a challenge.
“Your father told me once that you’re a hell of a fighter. You’re bigger now so I imagine you could be even better.” He walks over, less than a foot away from me, and squats down. “Now, I didn’t kill your father all those years ago for nothing. I knew that you were destined for great things, great things that can help me.” What does he mean ‘kill my father all those years ago’?
The smell of vodka and cigars hits my nose. All I want to do is smash this guy to the floor and get the hell out of here.
“Dude, I don’t know what you’re thinking. I’m a fucking biker stuck driving a big rig to transport your shit.” Spitting out my words I don’t even give him a chance to respond.
I kick his feet out from under him; he hits the floor with a thud. The two guys standing behind him are surprised when their boss hits the floor hard.
“Get him! Get him, you dumb shits!” They move toward me. The goon to my left hits me in the back of my head and, before everything goes black, I hear the gray-haired man say, “I knew you were going to be a fighter, Ghost. I can’t wait to get my payback.”
Growing up in a small town close to Seattle, Rose saw many different walks of life. But growing up around bikers and rockers, she experienced most things people only dream of.
Now a thirty’s something wife, mother, sister, aunt and best friend –she is devoting her time and energy to bringing these experiences and many more to you in her books. Contact via Email
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Ryder's Redemption Cover
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