When Sidney Chandler chooses to leave home she walks away from her life as she knows it… her family…


She stepped back, allowing them all to heal… move on… live without her…

Now at the age of twenty nine and almost a decade behind her, she is a master of disguise. Long gone is the timid girl who lived blinded by the ideas of love. 

Until fate decides to intervene and the one man she has struggled to evade at all costs is pushed back into her life. He knows the real girl behind the façade, only he can pull her out of her self-imposed exile… breathing life back into her cold, protected heart.

Fate will do what fate wants and Sidney’s choices are no longer her own… but were they ever really hers to begin with?

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“Put your head down. Don’t move.” She sinks back behind her laptop, her hand covers the top of her face as though it’s some sort of camouflage that will make her unrecognizable to someone.

We might live in Manhattan, but you would be surprised how small it is. All these people and poor Lexi always runs into someone she doesn’t want to see. 

“You’re insane. I’m enjoying my breakfast.” I lift my bowl of granola, shaking it at her. Now she’s going to know what it’s like to be ignored.

“Alexandria Montgomery, isn’t this place the absolute best for breakfast.” I flash a wide smile at her. 

Her face softens.

“Alright, if that’s how you want to play it,” she smirks, sitting back in her chair. 

The panic is stripped from her face to reveal a new look of… arrogance? Looks like she has successfully avoided an awkward encounter, and I can go back to window watching. 

“It is.” I laugh at her. I’m a little disappointed she wasn’t caught in one of her situations. I could have worked that into my lack of desire to go on this date tonight.

Leaning forward over my bowl of granola to take a bite, I start to chew when a pair of black leather shoes land on the floor next to me, and my blood runs cold. My eyes slowly follow the gray suit pants up as the scent of cedar begins to flow around me causing my insides to become heated. 

I’ve never been a fan of this involuntary reaction, and I also hate when Lexi’s right. What did I do to deserve this?

Without looking up any further at the man standing next to me I sit up straight in my seat.

Maybe if I ignore him he will go away. Who am I kidding? He’s a jackass.

Inhaling a deep breath to calm myself down I begin to cough and instantly regret it since the air that now fills my lungs and floats around me is air that has been tainted by him. My eyes stay connected with Lexi’s – we stay motionless watching each other until she covers her delighted smile with her cup. 

“Hello Pet.” My stupid skin begins to prickle with excitement from his deep voice. “To what do I owe the pleasure?” he asks, making sure to put proper emphasis on the word pleasure. 

Such a Simon thing to do. 

“Nothing, I wasn’t aware you came here, Simon.” I cross my arms over my chest. 

I don’t care how good looking people think he is, I’m not looking at him.

Let me give you a little visual detail on the jackass standing next to me. Simon McAllister is not your typical wealthy bachelor. Well… that is unless your typical wealthy bachelor dresses as though he’s either on his way from a modeling shoot or some college girl’s sorority house. You see while most men, men of his stature, dress in fine suits and carry themselves in a way that commands everyone’s attention, Simon dresses as though he’s stuck somewhere between mogul and frat boy. He doesn’t command attention because he doesn’t have to, he just earns it… it’s irritating. Now don’t be mistaken, he wears suits, and they are of the finest quality, fitted perfectly, all that jazz. But under that impeccably tailored suit coat is never a finely pressed crisp white button down and tie. No, this moron keeps it simple with his cashmere sweaters and thin tie that hangs loosely around his neck in a fashion that says “you lead the way”. I don’t have to actually look at him to know this. I saw him on page six not that long ago fashioning this very look. 

I need an exit plan… and my bill. Dammit, where is a waiter when I need one

“Really? That’s strange since…” He’s cut off by Lexi.

“You know what, we have to go… big day, you understand,” Lexi interrupts him. “And Sidney here has a date tonight… a big one.” She looks up at him with a big satisfied smile on her face. 

Oh Lexi how I love you so! I take back all the mental licking of your utensils and every other mean thing I was thinking. 

“Yes I do. Also my name is Sidney, perhaps you have forgotten that? It isn’t babe, or sweetheart, and it is certainly not, nor will it ever be ‘Pet’ as you so eloquently put it. It’s Sidney.” The stress of him being next to me is causing my voice to raise higher and higher as I speak. 

He’s quiet for a second. 

Look who won that round! 

Lexi gives me a thumbs up, sitting back comfortably, drinking her coffee and continues to watch the show.

“A date? So you will be attending your parents’ charity event then?” He disregards my outburst. 

I know I just spoke out loud because Lexi heard me. Let me try again.

“No, I will not be attending any of my parents’ charity events… ever.” I look around for a waiter keeping sure not to make eye contact with him.

“Ever?” The tips of his fingers catch my chin gently, turning it toward him as he leans down. 

My heart freezes in my chest from the contact. I give my best appearance of indifference when I meet his beautiful dark blue eyes. It’s always harder to act aloof when I have to look directly at him. His lips turn up, a flicker of amusement in his eyes. He knows exactly what he’s doing, this is all just a game to him. 

I give myself exactly five seconds to glance over him and just as I suspected, there is his fine suit with his darker gray sweater under it. His ink black messy hair looks like he just came from getting laid. 

Male whore. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a gorgeous male whore, but a male whore none the less. 

Without thinking I inhale his heavy scent that seems to be circling around me again. Did I just swoon? I’m supposed to look appalled! I hope he didn’t just catch that. Okay, hate. We hate this man. Heart stop racing, and eyes don’t you dare drop to his lips. 

With a raised brow I reply. “Ever,” I deadpan. 

A quick jerk of my chin frees it from his grip. 

I’m just going to go back to eating and pretend as though he isn’t standing here making me hormonally insane. I need to hold onto the fact that he’s an asshole, and I detest him. 

“Aren’t you late for something?” I try to make it obvious that I don’t want him here without being rude as I take a bite of my granola.

“I’m never late for anything, Pet. My day is perfectly planned.” He gives a light laugh. 

Bouncing my head side to side while I continue to chew, I make a face at how perfect he is. 

“Are you eating bird seed?” He lifts the bowl from the table to inspect it just as I go to take another spoonful. 

Does he not understand that he was just dismissed?

“It’s—none of your business. I am eating and working, and you are unwelcome, so leave.” I reach out for the bowl but he pulls it out of my reach. Snatching my spoon from me he takes a bite. 

What the hell! Does this man have no boundaries?

“This is… interesting…” He taps the spoon against the side of the bowl. “Healthy…” He ponders it while taking another bite. 

My teeth clench together as I watch him mock me. 

“I’m not a fan.” He frowns and hands it back to me. 

Seriously? Who the hell asked him?

“I’m sorry but I don’t remember saying Simon, please taste this. Lex, do you remembering me asking him to try this?” I can feel my temper building. 

You are in control… You are in control. What am I saying? I’m not in control… I mean I am… I just don’t need to chant it now. He needs to leave.

With a wide smile she replies, “To be honest I wasn’t listening. I was looking out the window admiring how the spring looks.” She throws my words back at me. 

My eyes widen as hers reveal the smile she is sporting behind her coffee. I want to grab that stupid cup off her and smash it.

“You’re dead to me,” I mumble lifting my coffee. 

“You have nothing to worry about, Lexi, she won’t do anything,” he says. 

The two of them begin to laugh. 

“You know where you can go Simon?” I begin when a waiter, our waiter to be exact, finally comes over but not for us, he comes to inform Simon that his order is ready. I don’t even care that I couldn’t tell Simon where to go because he is now leaving. 

“Well this was fun, thanks for stopping by. Next time you can pretend like you don’t see me. It won’t hurt my feelings I promise.” I look up at him with a bright smile. 

“That my dear, would be rude of me.” He taps my nose with his finger. “I’m sure I will see you again soon.” He sends me a panty-dropping smirk. Panties, stay where you are. 

“Yay me…” I muse.


Emersyn Vallis is a first time author with Adjournment being the first book in the Fated Series. Currently residing on the east coast with her husband and three children she is typically mistaken for being quiet and reserved her friends often describe her as a spastic spider monkey and always the first to be there with her quick wit to pull you back up when you’re feeling down. After reading as a hobby for most of her life it wasn’t until she had discovered R. L. Mathewson’s ‘Neighbor from Hell Series’ and Tara Sivec’s ‘Playing with Fire Series’ that she came up with the idea to fuse comedy and suspense together and her passion for writing was born.

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