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SynopsisHeader     When Detective Tom Rivers first meets beautiful Carol Fletcher, he thinks he has been visited by an angel. The gentle ER nurse attending him after an accident, captivates him and when she slips away, he searches diligently to find her. A man used to getting what he wants, Tom works to earn Carol’s trust, knowing that she is the woman for him. Carol, having grown up with her parent’s manipulations, is determined to make her own way and become her own person. She holds a secret and is cautious about giving in to the charms of any man, particularly the persuasive detective. But once she gives him a chance, she finds acceptance as well as love in his arms. When Carol becomes the object of a stalker’s infatuation, Tom vows to keep her safe. When the stalker’s intentions turns deadly, Tom is determined to stop at nothing to bring her back to safety. Will Tom be able to rescue her before it is too late? Will Carol finally see the beautiful image that everyone else see? ReviewsHeader *****I am in no way surprised that I love this book. It seems that each one just gets better. Carol is a character we've met in the previous two books, but we really knew nothing about her! Her story will make your heart squeeze. What I love about Maryann's books is that they are not just one thing. There is romance, intrigue, friendship, and all of the elements needed for a good read. Even sick it was hard to put it down. *****Ahh What can I say that I haven't already about Maryann? LOVE this woman and her writing. After reading the first book in this series I didn't think anyone could replace my love for Jake and Emma...then came book 2 and I didn't know who to love more them or Laurie and its book 3 with Carol and Tom, LOVE LOVE LOVE these 2. ***** MaryAnn has hit another homer! All of her books are relatable and I can see being friends with these characters. I enjoyed experiencing Carol and Tom's journey in their self discovery and also the journey to help bring them together. This is a story about "surviving" family, being comfortable in your own skin, and letting love work it's magical, healing powers. Author Maryann JordanAuthorBioHeader I am an avid reader of romance novels, often joking that I cut my teeth on the old bodice rippers. I have been reading and reviewing for years. In 2013, I started the book blog, Lost in Romance Books and promoted indie authors, as well as beta read, basic editing and proofing books. In 2014, I finally gave in to the characters in my head, screaming for their story to be told. From these musings, my first novel, Emma’s Home, The Fairfield Series Book 1 was born. I am a high school counselor having worked in education for thirty years. I live in Virginia, having also lived in four states and two foreign countries. I have been married to a wonderfully patient man for thirty two years and am the mother to two adult daughters. When writing, my dog or one of my four cats can generally be found in the same room if not on my lap. Please take time to leave a review of this book (on Goodreads, Amazon). Reviews are the lifeline for indie authors. Feel free to contact me, especially if you enjoyed my book. I love to hear from readers! Facebook Facebook Booktropolous Email Email Blog Emma's Home cover LT cover    

 This is the third book in the series and I can't get enough go them! Maryann you've done it again! Amazing! 
Carol's had a rough childhood. He parents had an image to uphold and Carol just didn't fit that image. This lead Carol to begin questioning her body. Carol is bulimic and shes done her best to control it over the years but her parents have always triggered her! Carol is on her own now giving up on pleasing her parents to be her own independent woman. She's now an ER nurse and is a strong willed woman!
Tom Rivers is one hot detective! But Tom has been looking for the right woman for a long time and when he falls and hits his head he see's an angel. Tom then goes on a search to find his angel! Carol is that angel! When they finally come together they are then faced with another problem. Carol has a stalker and now they must protect Carol at all costs! When her stalker’s intentions turns deadly, Tom is will  stop at nothing to bring her back to safety. Will Tom be able to save Carol in time? I'm saying 5 stars for this baby! 


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