Tatted Cowboy Laura & Luke

Title: Tatted Cowboy
Series: Down Under Cowboy #4
Author: Kasey Millstead
 Release Date: November 17, 2014 


One moment was all it took for my entire life to shatter.

One moment.

I had everything . . . and then, I had nothing.

When all you’re left with are the pieces of your broken heart, there’s nothing you can do, except try to rebuild. So, that’s what I did.

One moment was all it took for me to feel the first flutter of hope I’d had in a long time.

One moment.

He barrelled into my life, covered in tattoos and surrounded by an aura that enraptured me, determined to be the glue that held every broken piece of me together.

I wanted to push him away, because I was scared to lose anyone else I loved.

But, I wanted to hold him close because without him, my life was empty.

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Oh come on we all love Cowboy's don't we??? Well if you have read any of Kasey Millstead's other Cowboy books you will love the story of Laura and Luke. Laura has been through the worst tradegy a mother ever could. Her marriage is gone and she's trying to put her life back together. When she decides to move back to the mountain where her grandma is to get a persepective. She is reunited with one of her childhood friend Ava. As her grandmother and her friend help her heal she decides she knows what she wants to do with her life. After a walk in town she finds and empty building and decides to open a shop for women. She meets Cowboy Luke who come on is so hot but he's not just a cowboy he's tatted and he's a tattoo artist.While these two have chemistry she is always holding back. When her past comes with her future her heart shatters and now she needs to pick it back up again. Can Luke and Laura find the love they know they have??


With pain, comes blame. We blame the ones we love, we blame the one we lost, but most of all, we blame ourselves. It buries itself deep. So deep that on some days it feels like it’s in the marrow of your bones.

It destroys everything. The love you thought you had? Blame will chew it up and spit it out faster than you can blink.

Blame is like cancer; it eats away at all the good. It consumes you and if you are not careful, it will kill you.

Author Bio

Kasey Millstead lives a quiet life in country New South Wales, Australia, with her husband and their four young children. She enjoys baking, singing (ridiculously out of tune) & spending time with friends and family. Kasey has always harboured a deep love for reading and writing, and she is now lucky enough to be living her dream of being an Author.

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