CHRISTMASLY Obedient Release


Title: Christmasly Obedient
Series: Obedient #4
Author: Julia Kent
Genre: Holiday Romantic Comedy
Release Date: November 24, 2020


Tree picking in glorious, downeast Maine. Snow. Santa. Roaring fires, people you love, and a good life. What more could a guy want? 

Or, rather, two guys? 

Mike and Jeremy have a quiet life with Lydia, on her parents' family campground in Verily, Maine. It's a little boring, sure, but after the craziness of their old lives, what's wrong with boring? 

Besides, Jeremy and Mike find Lydia anything but. 

As Christmas looms, and an unexpected oops leaves them all in a state of uncertainty, they have to ask themselves: is it time to let life be a little less boring? 

And what's inside that slim box Lydia's giving them both on Christmas morning? 

Christmasly Obedient is a new holiday book in Julia Kent's USA Today bestselling Obedient series. 

The Obedient Series includes: 

Maliciously Obedient 
Suspiciously Obedient 
Deliciously Obedient




"I refuse to be the elf,” Jeremy insisted as Lydia tossed the tights at his face, the silky green fabric catching on the inside of his lip. 
“But you're tall! And wiry! Like that guy in the movie.” 
Sputtering, he flung the cloth on the couch, one leg draped over the arm in a manner that reminded him of a brothel. 
“I look nothing like the guy who played Elf,” he argued. 
“With your hair all grown out like that and curly, you kind of do. You need to shave the salt and pepper beard, though.” 
“I do not have salt in my beard!” 
Lydia stroked the side of his cheek and laughed. “I didn't know you were in denial, too, Jeremy.” 
He grunted, shoving his feet into his boots, but he couldn't stay grumpy for long as Lydia stood, adjusting her long, flowing red shawl. Today was the Camp Christmas Festival at Escape Shores Campground, and it was all hands on deck. 
But Jeremy refused to be an elf hand. 
“Miles can wear the damn tights.” 
“Miles is on elf strike, too.” 
“Can’t Pete and Sandy find some local kids to play the elves?” 
“The little kids still believe in Santa.” 
“Then find some teens to do it.” 
“Too jaded. Plus, they're all busy with final exams and sports.” 
“Get Ed and Madge up here. They can be elves.” 
“Grandma did it for years. It's too cold, Jeremy. They can't be outside for hours like that.” 
“I will not be guilted into this.” 
Just then, the front door to their cabin creaked open, Mike entering the living room. 
Wearing... a Santa suit.


Book 1, Maliciously Obedient, is
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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Julia Kent writes romantic comedy with an edge. From billionaires to BBWs to new adult rock stars, Julia finds a sensual, goofy joy in every contemporary romance she writes. Unlike Shannon from Shopping for a Billionaire, she did not meet her husband after dropping her phone in a men's room toilet (and he isn't a billionaire). She lives in New England with her husband and three children in a household where the toilet seat is never, ever, down.



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