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 I was never a beloved daughter. Only a prized possession to be kept in a gilded cage until my father was ready to trade.

It was my duty, carved in stone and written in my blood that one day my virtue would be exchanged for an alliance. And now, that day has come.

Gian Silvestro, heir to the Silvestro empire, will accept me as his wife and seal my fate with a kiss that holds a thousand promises. But to him, our vows only mean one thing…

I am bound to him…and shackled to his hate. 

He eased the back of his hand down the side of my face, his gaze following the movement. “I bet daddy-dearest made sure no man has ever touched you. The purer they are, the more they are worth.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“It’s the truth.” He kept staring at the side of my face as he brushed the curls behind my ear. “If you weren’t still a virgin, your father wouldn’t have had a lot of options to pick from. He would have had to take whatever he could get,” he shrugged, “which wouldn’t have been much if your virtue wasn’t still intact.”

“Why are you doing this?” I lifted my chin. “You’ve made it abundantly clear that you hate me, that you can’t stand me, yet this is the second time you have me pinned against a wall like a starved animal.”

“I do hate you.”

“Then what the hell are you doing right now?”

His hand dropped to my waist, fire erupting in my belly. “Maybe,” he started as he slowly wound up the skirt of my nightgown between his fingers, “maybe I’ve decided that the best way to piss off Emilio Moretti is to ruin his daughter.”

I scoffed. “Do you think my father gives a damn what you do to me?”

“No.” His fingers touched my thigh as he bunched up the silk. “Perhaps I just want to break you for my own amusement.”

“I don’t break easily.”

A single finger snaked inside my panties, and I sucked in a breath. “There’s more than one way to break a woman.”


Bella J is an International Bestselling Author, who loves writing dark and gritty romance with alpha-holes who have absolutely no redeeming qualities...until they do. Maybe. 

Some of her bestselling novels/series include:

The Rise of Saint
The Fall of Sin
American Street Kings Series
Royal Mafia Series

She lives in Cape Town, South Africa with her husband, two kids, and a chihuahua who gets treated like royalty. 

Bella J's writing motto: The darker the road to love, the sweeter the HEA.


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