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Cian Donnelly is my Da's bitter enemy.

Cian, an all-new enemies to lovers, dark mafia romance from bestselling author L.K. Shaw is available now!

Cian Donnelly is my Da's bitter enemy. He's also the man who won me—and my virginity—in a single hand of cards.

Now, he's come to collect.

Except I'm tired of being a pawn in a game I have no wish to play. Maybe it's time to make my own rules. The only thing I have to lose is my heart.

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This is the first book in this series and holy cow it was so good. Nessa has not had a good life. Her father is evil and a nasty drunk. He's the leader of the family and acts like he's going to rule. When their enemy comes to collect a debt Nessa realizes her father is worse than she imagined. Cian is there to collect a debt, Nessa, and her virginity that her father gave away. She can't believe it and will fight it tooth and nail. She is sassy and will mouth off, turning Cian on more than he thought. He figured he would collect and then let her go, but sometimes more is at play. When the enemy comes can he protect Nessa or will he lose everything he never knew he wanted? L.K. Shaw nailed the heck out of this story and I couldn't put it down.


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