Title: Unholy Soul
Series: Saints Purgatory MC #1
Authors: Andi Rhodes & Lacy Rose
Genre: MC Romance
Trope: Sister's Friend
Release Date: April 28, 2023


There isn’t a person in the world who hasn’t committed a sin. Some sins are worse than others, but seven of them are deadly. But those seven worst of the worst? They’re what drive Saints Purgatory MC to keep fighting.


What is a person supposed to do when they learn the world is a breeding ground for evil? As the president of Saints Purgatory MC, it’s my job to lead my brothers in the war against the wicked. Not only do we find transgressors in our day-to-day lives, but my twin sister regularly brings us the names of sinners.

In my world, love doesn’t exist. At least not the healthy kind. But when we’re charged with eliminating a doctor with a tendency for sloth, everything changes. His patient barrels her way into my life and my heart, and I will stop at nothing to ensure she’s mine. Even if that means letting her see the darkest parts of my soul.

It’s not lost on me that to do what we do, we must become the very thing we despise. Hell, it’s our club motto: See evil, hear evil, become evil, purge evil.


I love my life. I’m a business owner, a daughter, and a friend. But two words are all it takes to send me spiraling into chaos. Obstacles are continually hurled at me from every direction. My world is ripped apart and it takes everything I have not to lose my mind.

After the latest middle finger life flips me, fate steps in and offers me a lifeline. Too bad it’s in the form of a dominating, possessive, sexy as sin man. I’ve always considered myself to be independent, but just this once, I want to give in and let him take care of me.

Retribution is the man’s promise, but can he deliver? Can I trust a stranger to help me when there’s more at stake than revenge? Or will my heart suffer the consequences?

Welcome to Saints Purgatory, where sinners take out the sinful.



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Andi Rhodes is an author whose passion is creating romance from chaos in all her books! She writes MC (motorcycle club) romance with a generous helping of suspense and doesn’t shy away from the more difficult topics. Her books can be triggering for some so consider yourself warned. Andi also ensures each book ends with the couple getting their HEA! Most importantly, Andi is living her real life HEA with her husband and their boxers.

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Lacy Rose is an author who loves to write gritty MC (motorcycle club) romance. Lacy loves multiple genres and can be found reading almost anything in her free time. She lives with her husband of 23 years and two children. When she isn't writing, her life is often filled with mayhem from kids’ school activities, so she reads and writes in her free time to escape reality. Lacy enjoys sharing her stories with others, and they always have a HEA.


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