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She’s the definition of forbidden, and I hate that I want her anyway.

Hate to Want You, an all-new steamy small town, medical workplace romance from bestselling author Julia Jarrett is available now!

Doctor Heidi Morgan is off limits. She’s an unwelcome reminder of the worst day of my life, and my new resident.

She’s the definition of forbidden, and I hate that I want her anyway.

Every chance Heidi gets, she’s testing the limits of my patience and my control. It should be easy to push her away; to convince myself not to trust her, or worse, give in to the intense pull I feel whenever she’s around.

But restraint is never easy.

Her seductively sweet smile and perfect curves keep me up at night with dirty thoughts I really shouldn’t be having. With every word we exchange, every touch we share, the fire she’s ignited in me is shifting from frustration into something else. Something far more risky.

It’s starting to feel like only a matter of time before I lose control and let her into my heart. I just have to find a way not to lose myself at the same time.

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Heidi has always wanted to be a doctor and help those who just need some extra love. When she leaves the only home she knows for a few years she realizes that she's not where she wants to be. Now she's doing her residency back at the hospital where it all started. Coming face-to-face with Dr. Max she doesn't realize the hatred he has for her or why. Max has always thought Heidi was beautiful but she is a reminder of a tragic day in his life and he has no room for that. Now he has to teach her and try not to form feelings at the same time. When Heidi finally gets fed up with Max's crap she will let him have it in the most epic way. Now when the truth comes out can they become the best duo of doctors to help their patients? This story was so beautiful and just melted your heart. You felt for both characters but fell in love with them and their patients. 


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