Release Date: April 6

“This is the assignment, Bree … and we’re not going to back out just because you have an aversion to weirdos and kinkiness.”

That’s what my editor-in-chief tells me when he gives me the assignment. The Black Collar is the new BDSM club in Philly, and my job is to learn everything I can about the club … and its owner. At first, I detest the idea of sitting down with anyone living such a grotesque lifestyle, but when I meet Nolan Carter, everything I thought I knew is turned on its head until I don't know which way is up. 

With every interview, I learn something new about both Nolan and myself. He tells me things, and I feel every word. I’m reeled in by each new detail, and before I know it, I’m falling down a rabbit hole I can’t climb out of. My friends don’t recognize me anymore, and I can barely recognize myself.

But, the feeling of dread in my gut never dissipates, and just as I’m ready to embrace something new, I’m reminded of the fears I had all along. Though I try to ignore it, there’s a nightmare looming, and it has every intention of plunging my new dream into permanent darkness.

The triggers warning will be BDSM-related kinks: impact play, breath play, and degradation.

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Meet WS Greer

WS (Will) Greer is the author of bestselling novels such as Claiming Carter (The Carter Series), Kingpin (An Italian Mafia Romance), and The Therapist (The Therapist Series). He's also a USAF veteran since 2004, and is still serving today, after 4 deployments to the middle east and countless assignments overseas.

WS prides himself on being a man who writes spicy romance with the absolute best of them, while also understanding and appreciating that he is a guest in the house of romance that women built.

WS grew up in Clovis, NM, and now resides in Delaware, where he lives with his wife--bestselling author Isabel Lucero--and 3 kids.

To learn more about WS and his books, visit here

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